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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East: China

Increasing difficulties of the Consulate at Darien due to actions of Soviet and Chinese Communist authorities; closure of the Consulate,   pp. 860-932 PDF (26.0 MB)

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125.3513/9-1649: Telegram
   The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union
                         WASHINGTON, September 18, 1949-1 p. m.
  661. ReDeptel 635, Sept 9, and Dairen's 290, Sept 16 to Dept rptd
Moscow. See also Dairen's 201, July 6, to Dept rptd Moscow 112. In
view Dairen's failure elicit satis reply to representations Chao's be-
half, request Emb protest in most effective and expeditious manner
possible this most recent unwarranted interference Consulate in its
legitimate functioning by local auths Dairen. Pls rpt text any note
presented to Dept and Dairen.
125.3513/9-1949: Telegram
The Ambassador in the Soviet Union (Kirk) to the Secretary of State
                           Moscow, September 19, 1949-11 p. m.
                             [Received September 19-6:13 p. m.]
   2358. Reference Deptel 661, September 18. Note addressed Acting
Minister Foreign Affairs as follows delivered by Barbour72 10 p. M.,
Moscow time, to Saksin,7a head American Section, who promised
bring attention Gromyko73 tonight.
   "I have honor to refer to my note No. 518 of September 10, 1949,
 in which Soviet Government was informed of decision of my Govern-
 ment to close American Consulate at Dairen, in which Soviet Govern-
 ment was requested to instruct its officials in Dairen to facilitate closure
 of Consulate and departure of its staff. Although reply to this note
 has not yet been received, it will be recalled that at time of my delivery
 of this note to Foreign Minister Vyshinsky on September 10, 1949, I
 pointed out that my Government urgently desired cooperation of
 Soviet Government in-this matter, that Foreign Minister assured me
 that reply to my note would be forthcoming expeditiously.
   "Meanwhile, on September 15, 1949, Mr. Chao Yi-hsien, Senior
 Chinese clerical employee of American Consulate at Dairen, has been
 arrested: by- local -police, his Whereabouts is unknown. Repeated ef-
 forts of Consul Paddock to communicate with Mr. Chao have proved
 fruitless, Soviet authorities at Dairen have refused to receive Consul
 Paddock or to accept any communication from him in connection with
 this case. Clerk Chao Yi-hsien has been an employee of US Govern-
 ment for past 27 years.
   "In light of these circumstances, and of position maintained by
 Soviet Government in Dairen, it is impossible for Soviet Government
 to avoid ultimate responsibility for Mr. Chao's detention and con-
   71Repeated to the Consul at Dairen as telegram No. 146.
   SWaiwortli Barbour, Minister-Counselor of Embassy in the Soviet Union.
   72a Georgy Filippovich Saksin.
   73 A. A. Gromyko, Soviet Acting Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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