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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East: China

Increasing difficulties of the Consulate at Darien due to actions of Soviet and Chinese Communist authorities; closure of the Consulate,   pp. 860-932 PDF (26.0 MB)

Page 863

Manchuria, reestablishment communications and general reconstruc-
tion. It may be possible work out arrangement whereby personnel
Dairen and Mukden interchangeable. Whatever may be the legal
basis present control and administration Dairen, Dept realizes control
by Sovs and Kwantung civil administration is reality and must be
accepted as such in working out practical operating procedure Dairen.
893.00/3-2449: Telegram
   The Ambassador in China (Stuart) to the Secretary of State
                               NANKING, March 24, 1949-11 a. m.
                                           [Received 11:56 p. m.]
  643. Re penultimate paragraph Peiping telegram 440 to Depart-
ment March 19 [20] 'o which translated CCP .' article as explaining
Soviet occupation of Dairen and Port Arthur as motivated by inten-
tion "to protect them from Japanese aggression". In English Morse
cast [English broadcast?] monitored by Embassy, Soviet occupation
Dairen and Port Arthur was explained rather as move to protect
them against "imperialist aggression in Far East" which, judging
tenor of article, refers principally to US.
  Sent Department, repeated OffEmb Canton 188, Shanghai 294,
Peiping 99.
893.OOB/4-249 : Telegram
    The Consul at Dairen (Paddock) to the Secretary of State
                                           DAIREN, April 2, 1949.
                                    [Received April 2-6:52 a. m.]
  92. Re two immediate preceding telegrams dated April 1,:12 Kwan-
tung Chinese Communist Party has come out of glass hiding place as
of today and ostensibly assumed responsibility for Kwantung gov-
ernment. Contel sent Nanking 51, repeated Department 79,10 Shang-
hai 77, Moscow 37, March 19. Heretofore Kwantung government
publicly blamed, not top part of Communist China, and this position
upheld by Soviets.
  All public buildings, police stations, Soviet and Kwantung gov-
ernment-controlled commercial camps et cetera decorated today with
Soviet flags and with what is apparently Chinese Communist flag
(red field; yellow hammer, sickle and yellow outline of star), formerly
  10Not printed.
  ~'Chinese Communist Party.
  SApparently Nos. 89 and 91, neither printed..........

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