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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. The Far East: China

The Embassy in China after occupation of Nanking by Chinese Communists,   pp. 723-859 PDF (50.4 MB)

Page 854

follows: "Soule and Bacon, responsible members of the board of the
former American Embassy Club".
  Terms stated were:
  (1) 1-1/ months' separation pay.
  (2) New Year's bonus equal to 1-1/½ months' pay for each month
   (3) Full maintenance from October 1.
   (4) All payments to be recalculated according to rise in cost of
  Mediator then asked whether we agreed. I replied that employer
agreed. Employees Committee likewise assented. Mediator asked
whether Soule had any statement to make. He then prepared to read
text of letter which appears below. Mediator, however, called recess
for preparing final copies agreement and meantime indirectly ascer-
tained nature of Soule's statement.
  On resuming hearing, head of Labor Bureau for first time joined
conference and new copies of final agreement were given to parties.
Union official then announced that my name should not appear in text
of agreement and that Soule must sign. Based statement on fact
employees had alleged Soule was responsible person and in petition
to Labor Bureau had referred to Soule only. Soule then read follow-
ing statement:
  "As I have previously stated, upon dissolution of former 'American
Embassy Club' at end of September, I delegated all my responsibility
as former member of board of governors to Mr. Bacon, Chairman. I
have taken no part in ensuing labor dispute negotiations. I have
attended mediation proceedings in Bureau of Labor at request of
AAO, but I have no authority from former board to agree to any
settlements. Such authority is vested solely in Mr. Bacon. If, in
view of Bureau of Labor, my signature is necessary to confirm Bureau's
decision, I can affix my signature only under protest."
  Head of Bureau immediately declared that question Soule's respon-
sibility had already been determined by Bureau, that his protest was
evidence bad faith, that mediation proceeding had ended; next step
would be arbitration and that Soule was responsible for mediation
failure. I inquired of Chang when arbitration would take place and
he stated "very quickly", and that Arbitration Committee would
composed of three persons selected by Labor Bureau.
  Nanking Military Control Commission on October 21 promulgated
pertinent Shanghai regulations for application in Nanking. Provi-
sions for arbitration are as follows:
  "If mediation proves to be of no avail, Labor Bureau shall then
render an arbitration in accordance with law. Decision of Arbitration
Board shall be signed by its chairman and after approval by Director
of Labor Bureau it shall be notified to both labor and capitalist for
execution. If either party of labor and capitalist offers objection to
arbitration, he shall notify Labor Bureau within 5 days after receipt

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