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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Eastern Europe; the Soviet Union

Albania,   pp. 298-325 PDF (10.8 MB)

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  Prizren. We must also assume Yugoslavs have agents throughout
  Albania who keep Belgrade quickly informed of all developments.
  Bebler told me Albanians recently made overtures for discussions
  to straighten out heavy indebtedness (Embtel 837 July 4, 1948 7).
  Since Albanian Government has no money or credit and generally is
  in desperate straits he wonders what purpose this gambit was designed
  to serve.
   Not printed.
 Memorandum    of Conversation, by the Acting Chief, Division of
              Southeast European Affairs (Campbell)
 SECRET                        [WASHINGTON,] September 19, 1949.
 Participants: Messrs. Midhat Frasheri, Abas Kupi, Nuci Kotta, Said
                 Kryeziu, Zef Pali; Mr. Llewellyn E. Thompson,
                 EUR; Mr. Campbell, SE.
 Subject: Free Albania Committee
   Mr. Frasheri, acting as spokesman for the group, informed Mr.
 Thompson that he wished to pay his respects to the Department of
 State and to inform the Department of the objectives and activities of
 the Free Albania Committee. He stated that the five members present
 constituted the Executive Body, and that there was in addition a Con-
 sultative iCouncil of ten others who were presently in Europe. In re-
 sponse to Mr. Thompson's question where the seat of the Committee
 would be located, he replied that it would be in New York and that
 probably it would also be represented in Washington. Mr. Frasheri
 said that, on the previous day, the group had been in contact with the
 National Committee for Free Europe in New York.
 After Mr. Frasheri stated that his Committee intended to work for
 the liberation of Albania and hoped to maintain regular contacts with
 the Department of State, Mr. Thompson pointed out that the Com-
 mittee would undoubtedly be in closer touch with the National Com-
 mittee for Free Europe than with the Department. He informed Mr.
 Frasheri, that although the US does not maintain diplomatic rela-
 tions with Albania, the US Government naturally was limited in what
 it could do in support of the aotivities of such a group as the Free
.Albania Committee. He said that Mr. Frasheri undoubtedly under-
stood the situation and the difference between the situation of the
Department, as an agency of the US Government, and that of a private
organization such as the National Committee for Free Europe.
  Mr. Frasheri asked whether the Department could be of service to

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