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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Eastern Europe; the Soviet Union

Albania,   pp. 298-325 PDF (10.8 MB)

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Yugoslavia, which replaced Italy. Russiann is principal foreign lan-
guage taught in schools and most Albanian students studying abroad
at state expense have been transferred to Russian universities.
  To the 1300 Soviet officers resident in Albania for purpose organiz-
ing and training Albanian army must be added unknown number at-
tached Greek rebel forces which use Albanian territory as base. Latter,
however, have no internal function in Albania.
  French consider Albanian population as whole largely hostile to
regime and increasingly anti-Russian. However, they are under com-
plete control and no dissident or resistancee movements exist except
   Former French Minister Menant l now in France awaiting reas-
 signment (probably to Panama) and succeeded by Chartier, former
 Consul General, Milan, who arrived Tirana February....
   Foreign Office prepared allow us study recent despatches from
 Tirana most of which we glanced at yesterday but do not believe much
 more detailed information than that summarized here will be avail-
 able. If Department has specific questions believe conversation with
 Menant (who is not now in Paris) would be most productive. En-
 deavoring also to contact Mr. Walling, American citizen and UNICEF
 representative in Albania,, now in France 'and his views, if obtainable,
 will be cabled.
   6 Guy Menant, French Minister in Albania, August 1946-December 1948; ap-
 pointed French Minister ,to Panama in April 1949.
 Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief, Division of
              Southern Europea'n Affairs (Campbell)
 SECRET             FLUSHING MEADOW, [NEW YORK,] 'May 14, 1949.
 Participants: Mr. Behar Shtylla, Albanian Minister to France.
                Mr. Harry N. Howard 2 -GTI
                Mr. John C. Campbell-SE
    Mr. Shtylla said that he had approached Mr. Benjamin V. Cohen
  of the US Delegation to the General Assembly about ten days ago,
  saying that he would like to discuss informally the subject of US-
  Albanian relations. Mr. Cohen informed him that this subject was
    'This meeting presumably was held at the headquarters of the United States
  Delegation to the United Natio~ns General Assembly at Flushing Meadow,
    2Howard, Adviser to the Division of Greek, Turkish, and Iranian Affairs,
  a member of the United States Delegation to the Third Regular Session of
  General Assembly.

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