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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1949. Western Europe

Multilateral relations,   pp. 1-616 PDF (232.3 MB)

Page 437

  4. I immediately replied that we understood of course and took it
for granted that any suggestion that the UK's integration with west-
ern Europe should impair her relations with the Empire and the
Commonwealth or undermine her position as a world power would
be as unfortunate for US alone as it might be disastrous for the whole
western world. This however did not imply that there were not steps
of a more far-reaching character than any so far taken by the UK and
the participating countries toward economic commonalty. I also
agreed with Bevin that at least some of the important measures so
far taken by the OEEC toward a closer economic harmony had been
inspired, if not actually initiated, by the British but I said further
evidence of substantial progress is necessary during the course of the
next two or three months. Moreover, groupings within OEEC on
economic questions may require some support or at least should not
be opposed if they are not to fail. Bevin said that in regard to the
recent proposals of France, Italy and Benelux, HMG, although it had
been importuned by certain French interests to interfere in opposition,
had completely refrained from doing so. This would be its continuing
  5. He was disposed to say that HMG would be very glad to discuss
the issue of selecting an outstanding personality, etc. and he himself
would today discuss the matter with Cripps. He felt it wholly possible
that at the forthcoming meeting there might be appointed a very
small working group to examine the question and to make recom-
mendations in time to resolve the issue.
  6. I am forwarding by separate cable message 4 from Bevin for the
Secretary in response to the Secretary's message in Deptel 3820,
October 24, 7 p. m.
  Sent Department 4284; repeated Paris 816 for Bruce and Harriman,
Frankfort 141 for McCloy, Brussels 184 for Kirk, Rome 181 for Dunn.
 4Not printed.
 London Embassy Files, Lot 58F47, 500 Marshall Plan: Telegram
    The Charge in Belgium (Millard) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                         BRUSSELS, October 27, 1949-8 p. nm.
  [1437.] 1 Repeated Paris [248] for Hoffman and Harriman, London
[173] for Douglas. Last night we questioned Spaak re prospects for
greater economic integration of Europe which has been theme of Hoff-
'The text printed here is from telegram 173 from Brussels to London, a
repetition of telegram 1437 to the Department of State.

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