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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

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transportation service to ensure attendance by many delegates. Audi-
ence estimated at several thousand.
  While 6 resolutions were originally proposed, only 4 were adopted.
According to Secretary of Conference, Ajaj Nuweihid, drafting com-r
mittee still in process of completing final text of resolutions which
"will go down in history". Nuweihid said that after preamble which
referred to resolutions adopted at meeting of October 1, four new
resolutions contained following:
  1. Palestine Arabs desire unity between Transjordan and Arab
Palestine and therefore make known their wish that Arab Palestine be
annexed immediately to Transjordan. They also recognize Abdullah
as their King and request him proclaim himself King of new territory.
  '2. Palestine Arabs express gratitude to Arab states for their efforts
in behalf of liberation of Palestine (Nuweihid indicated object of this
was hint to Arab states that their job was done).
  3. Expression of thanks to Arab states for their generous assistance
and support to Palestine Arab refugees.
  4. Resolve that purport of first resolution be conveyed to King
at once.
  Following meeting large delegation proceeded to King's winter
quarters at Shuneh to present resolution to King and request his
acceptance. King replied that matter must be referred to his govern-
ment and that he must also ascertain views other Arab states.
  Although usual jealousies and frictions were apparent during meet-
ing, it is believed of significance, particularly in light recent develop-
ments in UIN political committee, as Kingmay regard resolution as his
mandate from Palestine Arabs.
  Sent Jerusalem by pouch repeated GADel Paris as 27.
501.BB Palestine/12-648: Telegram
        Mr. Wells Stabler to the Acting Secretary of State
SECRET                           AmMAN, December 6, 1948--4 p. m.
   143. Acting Mediator Bunche 'accompanied by Chief of Staff
arrived Amman morning December 5 'and proceeded immediately to
Slhuneh for conferences with King and Prime Minister.
   During talks with Bunche that evening he made following
   1. Prime Minister had handed him letter accepting on behalf Trans-
 jord-an SC resolution of November 16.
   2. After giving Prime Minister full -and frank review of present
 situation, latter had indicated Transjordan readiness to cooperate with
 United Nations 'and Conciliation Commission in arriving at-settlement.
   '3. Believed other Arab states would also cooperate with Concilia-
 'tion Commission notwithstanding their 'attitude as expressed at GA.

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