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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

Page 1297

                                ISRAEL                         1297
    "Notes on ýdemiilifarization Jerusalem.
    "1. The settlement aimed at under the demilitarization is temporary
  without prejudice to -the final settlement of the future of Jerusalem
  which must ,depend upon the final settlement of the Palestine question
  as a whole.
    "2. The boundaries of the demnilitarization area of Jerusalem foit
  [omit sion] reasons and in order to include important Holy places m
  -the areamast - include an area largerth-an the municipal or ,the town
  planning areas. The area must be something like: Shaafat in -the
  north-lssawieh, Bethany, Bethlehem, Beit, Jala, Lifta, Sh'aafat.
    "3. It is understood that essential supplies (non-military) Will
  all times be allowed tio the Jews under a mixed control comprising of
  United Nations, Arabs and Jews.
    "4. Under demilitarization the Arabs will run their own areas, the
  Jews will run their own areas and United Nations will run 1common
  things like electric current supply, water supply, telephones and
    "5. Arab 'and Jewish police in equal numbers and equally armed
 with normal police weapons will police the two 'areas. The UN guard&
 will keep the frontier between the two areas.
    "6. Demilitarization must mean'a return to normal, as far as possible
 a return to the status, q uo ante, as far as the area is concerned, i.e.
 Arabs and Jews must be allowed to regain possession of their houses.
   "7. For:security reasons, however, pockets must be eliminated as
   far as possible and the frontier line must be drawn so as to cGorre-
 spond with the property position eliminating pockets and exchanging
 areas temporarily at least.
   "8. The owners of non-Arab and non-Jewlish buildings properties
 must opt as to the area to which they want to belong.
   "9. Ex-Govt owned buildings to be kept temporarily by the UN.
   "a,10. Return of looted moveable Property or conmipcation for it
 specially in lareas occupied without fighting in breach of the truce
 existing oin May 14/15.
   "11. Visits to Jewish Holy places to be allowed at fixed times and
 fixed numbers under United Nations escort.
   "12. A survey of Arab property in Jewish hands must be made as
 soon as possible, with a view to preventing its willful, misuse by the
 867N.01/8-7485: Telegram
    The Consul General at Jerusalem (Macdonald) to the Secretary-
                              of State
CONFIDENTIAL     URGENT         JERLTSALEM, August 7, 1948-5 p. m.
   1177. During past two days there has been increasing sniping and
gunfire principally from Jewish side and according most reliable
information available it has been initiated by Jews.
  Yesterday afternoon when returning from Truce Commission meet-
ing with Arab Commander in Old Ci~ty my car was fired on several
times by Jews while still in Arab territory and just before crossing

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