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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

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   (3) Concerning future peace Palestine he would put forward no
 further proposals but would engage in informal talks. In addition to
 necessity acknowledging existence Jewish state three possibilities lay
 before Arabs (1) resumption of war, (2) creation of Arab state as
 proposed in November 29 SC resolution, (3) partition of Arab Pales-
 tine among Arab states. Apparently he leaned towards last solution as
 enabling Arab states to publicize definite benefits to their people.
   He was also working for consolidation Israeli territory although
 PGI was proving completely intractable. It demanded retention of
 all Galilee by right of conquest, corridor from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv,
 and the return of Negeb as an area promised Israel in partition
 scheme. He commented that role of peacemaker for Palestine was
 decidedly no easy one.
   (4) Bernadotte indicated great concern for immediate future
 Jerusalem. Was convinced action was brewing there. He had called
 attention to [of] Bernard Joseph, Military 'Governor Jerusalem to al-
 leged statement by Shertok that Jews now had right to fight Egyptians
 everywhere since they had attacked Jews in Negeb. He had informed
 Joseph this was contrary to fact and he hoped Shertok would with-
 draw statement. Joseph said he could not agree with Bernadotte's
 views. Bernadotte said he would raise question-with Shertok when he
 saw him August 5.
   (5) He expressed concern that UN was not giving him tools re-
 quired for task including adequate observers and guards. He had dis,-
 patched Bunche to America and hoped efforts there would bear fruit.
 -Bernadotte leaving August 5, for Haifa and thence to Rhodes.
 Xiemo of conversation by pouch to London and Arab capitals.
-501.BB Palestine/8-748: Telegram
The Consul General at Jerusalemn (Macdonald) to the Secretary
                              of State
SECRET                          JERUSALEM, August 7, 1948-2 p. m.
  1173. As suggested by Mediator Truce Commission and Commander
Arab Legion, Jerusalem    hold preliminary discussions yesterday re
demilitarization Jerusalem. 'Commander presented Truce Commis-
sion with following notes on ,demilitarization which are considered
very fair -and basis for further talks with view of accompllishing
demilitarization ,as provided for in SC resolution of July 15.'
  'The Department, on August 14, agreed that the suggestions of the Com-
mander of the Arab Legion at Jerusalem for demilitarization of that city
fair and reasonable. It also noted the ":increasing tendency of Israelis
to take
a stiffer line regarding Jerusalem in particular and eventual terms of settlement
in general." (Telegram 3237 to Lon~don, 501.BB Palestine/8-948)

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