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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. The Near East, South Asia, and Africa (in two parts)

Israel,   pp. 533-1707 ff. PDF (461.4 MB)

Page 1294

said. tHis Majesty's Government favors strongly demilitarization and
internationalization of Jerusalem. Judging from recent Israeli state-
ments Jews seem determined that neither shall take place and Jewish
purpose is strengthened by failure of Mediator to receive French,
Belgian and US guards for which he has asked so urgently. I need not
go into Bevin's description of situation in Jerusalem since it is identi-
cal in substance with ,that of Consul General Macdonald as repeated
to me in Department's 3055, August 3 6 and in his 1157, August 4 to
Department. Bevin said he understood United States Government is
unwilling to supply men for Bernadotte's guards.even though US
attitude in this regard probably would be decisive in formulation of
Belgian and French attitudes. He asked what United States Govern-
ment now proposes in the circumstances, since -all evidence indicates
that earlier US proposals re cooperation of well-disciplined units of
Arabs and Jews is impracticable.
  10. Ispoke along lines Department's 3049 and 3055, August 3. Bevin
expressed view that supplying guards to Bernadotte would not require
special SC action 'but would be "cooperation with the Mediator,"
indicated in paragraph-5, July 15 SC resolution and instruction to
Truce Commission in immediately following paragraph. He did not
deal with Department's other points, but said simply, "well, what can
we do now?9"
  11. I promised to put his thinking (and I have never seen him in a
more solemnm--not petulant-mood) to the Department and to seek
its views re foregoing on an urgent basis.
  12. Re Bernadotte's guards, whose presence 'as UN instrument seems
likely to be restraining influence on both sides, it occurs to me that
Department should consider proposing that if French and Belgian
Governments will supply contingents for guard duties United States
Government will undertake to transport men from France and Bel-
gium to Palestine, and to supply vehicles, communications equipment,
medical facilities, maintenance men, et cetera, in Palestine. On.this
basis there would be handful of non-combatant US uniformed person-
nel in guarded area as token force which would give proof of US
cooperation with Mediator without risking possibility US personnel
would shoot either Jews or Arabs and with reduced likelihood of our
men being targets. If internationalization and demilitarization of
Jerusalem is really at stake, as I understand it is, it seems to me that
we might consider seriously something approximating the suggestion
which I have just outlined.
   This was a repeat of No. 793 to Jerusalem, p. 1275.

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