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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Eastern Europe; The Soviet Union

List of abbreviations and symbols,   pp. IX-XV ff. PDF (2.2 MB)

Page XIV

SHAEF, Supreme Headquarters, Al-
    lied Expeditionary Force
SMA, SMAD, SMAG, Soviet Military
    Administration (Germany)
Soceco, series indicator for telegrams
    to the U.S. Delegate to ECOSOC
SONJ, Standard Oil Company of New
SovDel, Soviet Delegation
SovRomtransport, Joint Soviet-Ro-
    manian Shipping Company
S/P, Policy Planning Staff, Depart-
    ment of State
SPA, Office of Special Political Affairs,
    Department of State
SWN, designation for a series of
    papers presented to the State-
    War-Navy Coordinating Commit-
SWNCC, State-War-Navy Coordinat-
    ing Committee; also a designation
    of a series of papers presented to
    that Committee
SYG, Secretary-General
T, Assistant Secretary of State for
    Transportation and Communica-
TA, trade agreement
TAC, Interdepartmental Committee on
    Trade Agreements
TASS, Telegraph Agency of the Soviet
    Union, official communications
    agency of the Soviet Union
TC, Trusteeship Council of the United
telecon, telecommunication conversa-
    tion or conference
Telmar, series indicator for messages
    to Secretary of State Marshall
TIAS, Treaties and Other Interna-
    'tional Acts Series, official publi-
    cation by the Department of State
Toeca, series indicator for messages to
    the Economic Cooperation Admin-
    istration in Washington from its
    Missions abroad'
Torep, series indicator for messages to
    the U.S. Special Representative in
    Europe (Harriman, at Paris)
'TRC, Office of Transport and Com-
    munications, Department-of State
TUC, Trades Union Congress (Brit-
Tusag, series indicator for telegrams
   from the U.S. Army Group in
TWA, Transcontinental and Western
   Air, Inc.
U, Under Secretary of State
U/GT, Coordinator for Aid to Greece
   and Turkey in the Office of the
   Under Secretary of State
UDBA, Uprava drzavne bezbednosti
    (Yugoslav  Administration  of
    State Security)
UKDeL, United Kingdom Delegation
UMT, Universal Military Training
UNA, Office of United Nations Affairs,
   Department of State
UNESCO, United Nations Educa-
   tional, Scientific, and Cultural
UNGA, United Nations General As-
UNRRA, United Nations Relief and
    Rehabilitation Administration
UNSC, United Nations Security
UNSCOB, United Nations Special
    Committee on the Balkans
UNSYG, Secretary-General of the
    United Nations
urdes, your despatch
urtel, your telegram
USAF, U.S. Air Force
USAFE, U.S. Air Forces in Europe
USAGG, U.S. Army Group in Greece
USDel, U.S. Delegation
USFA, U.S. Forces in Austria
USFAP, U.S. Foreign Aid Program
USFET,    U.S.  Forces,  European
USFRP, U.S. Foreign Relief Program
USG, U.S. Government
USGADel, U.S. Delegation at the
    United Nations General Assembly
USIS, U.S. Information Service
Ustap, series indicator for telegrams
    from the American Mission for
    Aid to Turkey, at Ankara
USUN, U.S. Mission at the United

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