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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Germany and Austria

IX. United States participation in the negotiations for an Austrian treaty,   pp. 1447-1535 ff. PDF (34.1 MB)

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Austrian treaty talks was discussed. DiScussion took into account that
agreement hard been reached betweenthree western powers and Aus-.
trian government, that latter should address note to four governments
concerned at end of November requesting them to seek basis for re-
sumption of Deputies meetings and that this (arrangement was subject
to there being no developments in international- situation necessitating
modification of plans.
   Various steps necessary to carry out program for resumption of
 discussion considered informally and following are tentative sugges-
 tions to three western governments as drafted by British iand approved
 by' Strang 'following meeting:
 'a. In labsence of any developments in Berlin situation or in some
 other field which would cause modification of plans for Austrian'treaty,
 approach should be made to Austrian Government on 29 November
 informing them that three western powers saw no objection to their
 addressing note to all four governments. Should be suggested to Aus-
 trian Government that note be brief and in general terms only.
 Austrian Government should be careful to request meeting simply to
 seek basis for resuming talks. This would avoid giving impression that
 Austrian Government was asking us to reverse attitude taken last May
 when' webroke off talks. It was agreed that it was essentia l that. we
 approve c6ntents of Austrian note before it was sent. Would be prefer-
 able for one representative alone of western powers in Vienna to con-
 cert this action with Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As London
 is point at which action is being co-ordinated, it was suggested that
 HM Minister, Vienna, should make this approach.
   b., On receipt of Austrian note, US Deputy, as chairman of next
meeting of Deputies, should suggest through Secretary General CFM
to Mis three colleagues that in view of Austrian request, meeting of
Deputies should be called for Monday, January 17. Meeting would be
designed to explore possibilities for resumption of talks.
  e. Also agreed' 1hat, if thisprogramm e were approved,, three western
delegations should meet in London for informal discussions 4 or 5 days
before appointed date, on agenda previou├Ży circulated.
  With regard to approach to Austrian Foreign Minister by British
Minister at Vienna, this was thought of British and French with which
Keith ~acquiesced, subject, as in case of other points contained in memo-
randum, to Washington's approval.
  Sent Department 4880; repeated Paris for Bohlen 879, Vienna 130.
                          Editorial Note
  On December 6, 1948 the Austrian Ministers in Washington, Lon-
don, Paris and Moscow presented identical notes to the Governments
to which they were accredited expressing the desire of the Austrian

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