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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Germany and Austria

IX. United States participation in the negotiations for an Austrian treaty,   pp. 1447-1535 ff. PDF (34.1 MB)

Page 1459

  1. To adopt the ba sis and method of the French proposals as the
basis for a settlement with the Soviets ,on the German assets question.
  2. To maintain that the figures cont ned in the French propolsal
are the maximum which are, consistent with the aim of restoring and
maintaining Austria's independence, but to negotiate.the differences
between the French and Soviet proposals if it appears that -a final
settlement can be reached by a modification of the figures in the French
  3. If an increase is necessary in the figures of the French proposal,
to assure that the Soviets are not given aĆ½ monopolistic control over
any Austrian natural resources, that Austrian domestic needs are not.
unduly restricted, and that the supremacy of Austrian law and the
rights of non-discrimination are guaranteed.
  4. That no obligation be assumed by the Austrian economy in meet-
ing ia lump-sum payment to the Soviets which is beyond Austria's
capacity to finance successfully without substantial financial aid by
any other signatory to the.treaty. Provisions should be made to enable
the Austrians. to have sufficient time before assuming payments to
meet their minimum financial requirements, and to, have the option of
paying either in currency or in goods..2
  5. Any agreement on the German assets question should be made
contingent, on agreement on all other unresolved issues in the Austrian
treaty so that it would be an integral part of the final settlement of
the Austrian treaty as ,a whole.
  6. To be prepared, in conjunction with the British and French, to
renounce the right of the United States under the Potsdam Agree-
ment to claim its share of the German assets in Western Austria in
order to strengthen the bargaining position of the Western States.3
  Marginal note beside paragraph four: "This should not; be used as
a device
to funnel U.S. aid through Austria to Soviets. L[ovett]"
  SAddedat the end of this memorandum was: ."OK as amended by Mr. Lovett.
G. C. M[arshall]."
740.00119 Control (Austria) /2-648: Telegram
         The Secretary of State to the Legation in Austria
SECRET                       WASHINGTON, February 6, 1948-7 p. m.
  105. From the Secretary for Erhardt and Keyes. I consider this
session of Deputies as decisive in determining whether settlement of
Austrian treaty can be reached at an early date, permitting termina-
tion of military occupation and restoration of full independence to
Austrian Govt. Preliminary discussions with Brit and French are
necessary prior to meeting of Deputies in order that Western States
may have a clear idea of the implications of the Soviet proposals and
     355-369 73   94

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