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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Germany and Austria

IX. United States participation in the negotiations for an Austrian treaty,   pp. 1447-1535 ff. PDF (34.1 MB)

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the French and Soviet proposals which provide a framework for set-
tlement of this question by assigning to the Soviets certain ownership
interests in the oil industry and Danube shipping, and provide for a
lump-sum payment by the Austrian Government to the Soviets in satis-
faction of all remaining Soviet claims to German assets. The Soviet
proposals claim ;approximately double the properties and payments
originally envisaged under the French proposals anid exceed the figures
agreed informally by representatives of the United States, the United
Kingdom, .and France as the limit to which the Western States might
go in meeting Soviet demands based on the Potsd'am Agreement. The
figures in the Soviet proposals, however, are less than the claims made
in the Austrian Treaty Commission which met in Vienna in 1947, and,
if accepted, would involve a Soviet renunciation of claims to and pres-
ent control of many economic enterprises in Austria in return for a
'lump-sum settlement.
  A tabular comparison of the French and Soviet proposals represents
what the Soviet Union would receive in final settlement of their claims
under Potsdam:
Oil .Extraction: Concessions
corresponding ,to 50% of cur-
rent production.
Oil Pro8pecting: Concessions
for rights to 1/3rd present pro-
ducing areas in Eastern Austria.
Oil Refining: Capacity for an-
nual production of 250,000-
300,000 tons.
Distribution: Facilities now un-
der Soviet control.
Danube Shipping: All DDSG
assets in Hungary, Rumania,
and Bulgaria.
Lump-Sum Payment: $100 mil-
lion, spreading over 10 years,
starting at such time when
Austria's minimum needs have
been met.
-Concessions corresponding to
%rds of current production.
Concessions for rights to %rds
of undeveloped areas in Eastern
Capacity for 450,000 tons an-
nual production.
Facilities now   under Soviet
All DDSG assets in Hungary,
Rumania, and Bulgaria, and
25% share of DDSG assets in
$200 million in convertible cur-
rency payable within 2 years.
  In the forthcoming negotiations ilt is recommended that the US
Deputy be guided by the following basic policy:

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