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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1948. Germany and Austria

IX. United States participation in the negotiations for an Austrian treaty,   pp. 1447-1535 ff. PDF (34.1 MB)

Page 1451

740.0011EW (Peace)/1-2748: Telegram
      The Charge in the United Kingdom     (Gallman) to the
                       Secretary of State
SECRET                          LONDON, January 27, 1948-5 p. m.
  313. Emhbtel 281 January 24 to Depiartment, No. 1 to Vienna.' We
discussed Soviet proplosals Austria with Dean and Marjoribanks For-
eign Office who stated:
  1. French have proposed tripartite talks before deputy meeting
London. Foreign Office approves and suggests US delegation arrive
three or four days in advance for such talks.
  2. Soviets presented maximum figures which they thought would.
be regarded as serious and which provide bargaining point from which
they can climb down.
  3. Possible Soviets also think in broader political terms and desire
to maintain Four-Power contact at this time.
  4. Soviets should be requested present maps mentioned paragraph
1 (a) and (b).
  5. Foreign Secretary Bevin much interested in Austrian question
but is absent from London. Proposals being referred him and his views
expected shortly which, if they vary from Foreign Office views, will
be communicated to Embassy.
  In these and other talks it was apparent Foreign Office is somewhat
puzzled as to US attitude. That is: Whether US seeks definite solution
with Soviets and will work toward that end, or whether Department
is convinced no such solution is possible and is only going through
motions. Embassy suggests Department, in talks with British Embassy
at Washington, discreetly clarify this point. Marjoribanks feels, and
intimates he is voicing Bevin's view, that it is possible come to genuine
solution with Soviets.
  Embassy would appreciate information soonest when US delegation
will arrive London.
   Sent Department 313; repeated Vienna 2.
  Not printed; for text of Soviet proposal dated January 24, see p. 1448.
740.0011EW (Peace) /1-2848: Telegram
     The Minister in Austria (Erhardt) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                          VIENNA, January 28, 1948-6 p. m.
  93. Legtel 84, January 26.1 Legation submits following comments
in regard to Soviet treaty proposals.
  'Ante, p. 1449.

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