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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Saudi Arabia,   pp. 1329-1342 PDF (5.4 MB)

Page 1340

conflict with US by cancellation of the oil concession may lead to
incursion from Iraq or Transjordan into his domain.
  Govt of US cannot conceive of situation arising under which
Hashemite states would attack Saudi Arabia merely because King Ibn
Saud continued to be friendly to United States and to private Ameri-
can companies doing business within borders of his country. This Govt,
after careful consideration, recently decided that broad interests of
peace can best be served if in existing circumstances US should for
time being refrain from exporting arms and munitions to Palestine
and neighboring countries.2
   King Ibn Saud should be reminded that as previously indicated to
him and to Prince Saud the inability on the part of US to provide
him with military aid requested should not in any way be taken as
an indication of any lessening of friendship on part of US towards
Saudi Arabia. It should rather be considered -as indication of US view
that so long as Palestine situation remains acute, shipment of arms
and munitions from US to Middle Eastern area should cease pending
UN consideration of security aspects of that situation.
   As was pointed out by Secretary Byrnes to Crown Prince Saud when
 he was in Washington last January, one of the basic policies of United
 States in Near East is unqualifiedly to support territorial integrity
 and political independence of Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia should
 therefore be attacked by another Power or be under threat of attack
 the US through medium of UN would take energetic measures to ward
 off such aggression.
   For Childs. You are commended for able way in which you con-
 ducted these difficult conversations with King.
   Sent Jidda as 391; repeated London as 5234.
 890F.00/12-1547 *Telegram
   The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Childs) to the Secretary of State
 TOP SECRET                      JIDDA, December 15, 1947-10 p. m.
    563. Having communicated with Prince Saud, Mecca, immediately
 upon receipt Deptel 391, 12th he came to Jidda personally and re-
 ceived me this morning, when I handed him note to HM embodying
 replies. I stated to Prince Saud I was personally extremely gratified by
 rapidity with which my Govt had answered and thought this could
 be interpreted as evidence very friendly disposition US toward Saudi
 Arabia and importance attached to any request HM. Translation of
 note was then read by Legation interpreter.
    2See telegram Telmnar 42, December 6, p. 1300.

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