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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Saudi Arabia,   pp. 1329-1342 PDF (5.4 MB)

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  tion of $25,000,0010, of which $10,000,000 already embodied in loan
  agreement of last year.2
    2The Department notified the Legation at Jidda in telegram 82, March
28, that
  Aramco had made $5,000,000 available for construction of the Dammam-Dhahran-
  Abqaiq railroad. These funds were in addition to those made available for
  struction of port facilities at Dammam (890F.77/3-2047).
  Telegram 120 from Dhahran reported to the Department on October 4 that
  Aramco at 8 a. m. the same day gave the go-ahead signal to begin construction
  of the railroad (890F.77/10-447).
                            Editorial Note
   In two separate notes of October 7, 1947, to the Department, the
 Saudi Arabian Minister requested that the United States Mint manu-
 facture $2,000,000, worth of gold discs and 5,000,000 riyal coins for the
 account of his Government. (890F.515/10-747). The Acting Secretary
 of State advised the Minister by note on December 19, that the Mint
 was prepared to undertake production of both the riyal coins and the
 gold discs (890F.515/12-1147).
   In a note of December 24, the Minister requested that the minting
 of the gold slugs be suspended and that immediate steps be taken to
 supply as a substitute $2,000,000 worth of British gold sovereigns. The
 Secretary of State transmitted the note to the Secretary of the
 Treasury  on January    8, 1948, with a request that the Saudi
 Arabian Legation be notified when the sovereigns would be available
 for shipment. The shipment was actually made on January 17,
 1948 (890F.515/12-2447).
 890F.00/12-447: Telegram
 The Minister in Saudi Arabia (Childs) to the Secretary of State
TOP SECRET                         JIDDA, December 4, 1947-11 p. m.
  538. Audience with His Majesty, King Abdul Aziz, on second.
  Present His Majesty, Fuad Bey Hamza, Minister of State, and
Khalid Bey, Privy Councillor, and J. Rives Childs, American Minister.
  As evidence importance attached by His Majesty to my audience
with him, he broke all precedent by dismissing Mohammed Effendi,
the Legation interpreter who as usual accompanied me to Riyadh, as
well as the Palace interpreter, and instead requested Fuad Bey Hamza,
Minister of State, to serve as the interpreter; moreover, while the first
33)3'774L-72- 95

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