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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 999-1328 PDF (126.4 MB)

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prompt settlement of the Palestine matter was of equal importance
preliminary thereto.5
   [Here follows discussion of subjects other than Palestine.]
   5Referring to this paragraph in telegram Telmar 6, November 26, 1 p. m.,
 London, the Acting Secretary of State informed Secretary Marshall as follows:
 "For sake of accuracy National Security Council recommendation was
made to
 President not to British. Note use of word 'agreement'. We have taken great
 pains to make it abundantly clear to all concerned that no agreement is
 Conversations represented merely exchange of views. Documents emanating
 conversations were proposed statements of respective policies subject to
 firmation. It was understood that these statements even after approval could
 not be considered as agreements; that no obligations were taken; and the
 outlined were subject to change to meet new conditions." (867N.01/11-2547)
                           Editorial Note
   At the afternoon meeting of the General Assembly on November 28,
the French Representative proposed that the Assembly postpone its
decision until the following day to permit a last-minute effort to arrive
at a solution acceptable to both the Arabs and the Jews. The French
proposal was adopted by a vote of 25 to 15. For the official record of
the discussion of the proposal, see GA (II) Plenary, pages 1401-1410,
867N.01/11-2847: Telegram
       The Secretary of State to the Acting Secretary of State
TOP SECRET                               LONDON, November 28, 1947.
  Martel 12. To Lovett from Marshall. Bevin handed to me the fol-
lowing summary of the British plan of withdrawal from Palestine.
  "Military withdrawal-a series of clear-cut backward moves north-
wards from the Egyptian frontier phased as follows: Phase one: Gaza
civil district by 29 February. Phase two: Jerusalem, Lydda and part
of Samaria by 31 May. Phase three: Remainder of Samaria and Galilee
by 30 June. Phase four: The remaining enclave round Haifa by
31 July.
  The evacuation of stores through Haifa and by land to Egypt will
start on December 1. It is estimated that, even under the most favour-
able conditions, we shall lose nearly 150,000 tons of useful stores.
  Withdrawal of civil administration-the civil administration and
the mandate will be maintained over the whole of Palestine until
May 15, 1948, except that in certain circumstances the civil adminis-
tration, or some parts of it, may be obliged to withdraw at an (earlier
date from the Gaza civil district.
  If the United Nations vote in favour of partition, the arrival of a
United Nationis commission for the purpose of carrying out this de-

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