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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 999-1328 PDF (126.4 MB)

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to make public announcement along lines of statements made to you
by Colonial Office as contained in telegram under reference)
  Sent London as Dept's 623 rptd Jerusalem as Dept's 47.
867N.01/2-747: Telegram
The Charge in the United Kingdom       (Gallman) to the Secretary
                             of State
SECRET                           LONDON, February 7, 1947-5 p. m.
  850. Beeley gave following outline today of yesterday's meeting
British Delegation and JA Delegation (Embassy's 819, February 6) 1
  1. Meeting followed "familiar pattern" of British Delegation
deavoring to persuade JA Delegation to put a partition plan on table,
and of Jews steadfastly refusing to do so.
  2. Beeley believes JA Delegation refusal to table plan involves fol-
lowing motives: (a) If JA Delegation tables partition plan, it will
be sacrificing part of Palestine; (b) coalition JA Executive includes
both partitionists and anti-partitionists between whom measure of
agreement lies in fact that JA Delegation will consider partition plan
only if someone else proposes it; (c) it is possible JA Delegation can-
not agree within itself re frontiers of partition plan which should be
put forward in first instance; (d) frontiers drawn to extent of more
extreme Jewish demands would look absurd, and might cause case of
JA Delegation to be laughed out of court.
   3. Creech Jones asked JA Delegation what it wanted by way of
immigration and sovereignty. Re immigration, Ben-Gurion 's con-
sidered reply was that under mandate JA Delegation wanted immi-
gration to full extent of economic absorptive capacity of Palestine;-if
Palestine divided Jews must be free to determine rate of immigration
into Jewish area without interference or control. Re sovereignty Ben-
Gurion said that when mandate is terminated Jews in Palestine must
have same independence as any other state. Ben-Gurion indicated that
he would prefer British to carry out mandate in accordance with
Zionist interpretation of mandate.
  4. Bevin said that British Govt will not be responsible for forcing
a solution on either Arabs or Jews. He said that if acquiescence is not '/
orthcoming UN must take responsibility for decision.
  'Not printed.
333-774-72   66

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