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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 999-1328 PDF (126.4 MB)

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but unlikely possibility is that Cab might decide that British should
give no proposals to the two Delegations.
   8. Beeley said that he had been working with others night and day
on British proposals which he felt represented "an honorable and
reasonable attempt to avoid choosing sides". He was not free to go into
details regarding them but it was clear that they envisaged a bi-national
unitary state. He thought that proposals would please neither side but
that they represented a fair and just approach. Beeley indicated that
early increased Jewish immigration was involved "at least in the draft
as it now stands."
  9. One important virtue of proposals now in draft was that lawyers
would possibly consider them to be within terms of mandate and thus,
if Cab so decided, they could be put into effect at once.
                                                           GALLM AN
867N.01/2-547: Telegram
   The Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom
SECRET                       WASHINGTON, February 6, 1947-8 p. m.
  623. We are glad to obtain info contained para 4 urtel 793 Feb 5 1
to effect Colonial Office does not believe there is any question of
martial law being imposed unless "further serious terrorist outbreaks
occur" and in event disturbances do take place High Commissioner
mIy order only certain areas under military administration.2
QRecent evacuation order has given rise to considerable apprehension
on part of Zionists this country lest Brit Govt is considering possi-
bility of taking drastic measures in Palestine which may lead to what
amounts to open warfare between Brit troops and Jewish population
of Palestine. Some of more extreme Zionists are beginning prepara-
tions to launch new anti-Brit campaign in event measures of this
character should be taken. In discussing matter informally with Brit
Emb today we have taken occasion to point out that it'might be help-
ful in forestalling such campaign if Brit Govt would find it possible
  'Not printed.
  2 Telegram 793 also reported information from the Colonial Office that
action was planned against the Jewish Agency or any other law-abiding organiza-
tion in Palestine. The message concluded with Charge Gallman's observation
that the "Colonial Office is largely informed post facto rather than
re measures taken by Palestine Govt. Same is true of Foreign Office."

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