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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 999-1328 PDF (126.4 MB)

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Socialist and Laborite to Laborite. Bevin was unmoved being con-
cerned with "practical politics of situation".
  12. In summary Neumann felt that Jewish Agency Delegation got
no new information on major points and that meeting had clearly
shown divergence of views between Bevin and Creech Jones, latter
obviously being more inclined to give Jews a square deal than former.
  13. Neumann said that at Jewish Agency Delegation meeting today
he would recommend to his colleagues that Jewish Agency Delegation
terminate talks at once. He thought his colleagues would accept his
recommendation which was based on fact that unitary state plan is
only Morrison plan disguised, and secondly, because evacuation of
British women and children from Palestine and other military meas-
ures have established a background against which Jewish Agency
leaders in London can hope to do nothing. Of the two reasons latter
was most important. Jewish Agency has information of the coming
repressions Britain's plan for Palestine. Such repression would play
into hands of Irgun. In face of military action, which might include
repression of Jewish Agency, Neumann could see no purpose in sitting
quietly at conference table with Britains [sic]. By so doing Jewish
Agency leaders would be ridiculous. He had told some of his colleagues
from Palestine that they had better get ready to go back to jail.
   14. Neumann said that he had talked yesterday on telephone with
Rabbi Silver who was in Washington seeing Ambassador Gardner
and the Secretary. He 'had explained to Silver that nothing could come
of present talks and that Jewish Agency was being maneuvered into
hopeless position.
   15. Embassy seeing Neumann and possibly Shertok later today.
 890B.00/2-547: Telegram
 The Charge in the United Kingdom      (Gallman) to the Secretary
                             of State
 SECRET    /                     LONDON', February 5, 1947-6 p. m.
   789. Meeting Arab Delegation and British Delegation yesterday
 -according Beeley lasted 21/½ hours and was marked by "gloves
 attitude from both sides. See Embtel 771 February 51 for -greed
 statement issued conclusion meeting.
   1. Faris el-Khoury opened meeting with formal statement Arab case
 in general terms 'and concluded with thought that October Arab Dele-
 gation proposals represent only just and equitable settlement. Dele-
   'Not printed.

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