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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The Near East and Africa

Palestine,   pp. 999-1328 PDF (126.4 MB)

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to Zionist demands. If Zionist terror brings such dividends Arabs say
that they will know what to do. Arabs appear confident that Arab
strength shown 1936-39 is not impaired. Beeley said that he,.did not
know present status Gruner case, which along with latest kidnappings,
is receiving big news play British press.
  8. Beeley said that he had no knowledge of present trend of thought
of JA but he understood that a. number of meetings of Zionist
leaders here have taken place.
867N.01/1-3047: Telegram
The Charge in the United Kingdom       (Gallman) to. the Secretary
                             of State
SECRET                          LONDON, January 30, 1947-4 p. m.
  658. Beeley, Foreign Office, supplies (Embtel 577, January 28) fol-
lowing information this morning:
  1. Following Jewish Agency representatives met yesterday after-
noon for 21/ hours at Colonial Office:
  Ben-Gurion, Shertok, Neumann, Brodetsky, Locker, Goldmann,
Horo~witz, Eban and Linton. British were represenfted by Creech Jones,
who presided, Bevin and Sir Norman Brook. Colonial and Foreign
Office advisers were also present.
  2. Creech Jones welcomed JA Delegation [and inquired?] what
they meant by partition. .JA Delegation refused to set. forth.its views
re partition saying that if it put forward a partition plan it. would
henceforth be committed to it. Bevin said that these talks were very
exploratory and he could assure JA Delegation that it would not be
committed by talking about partition. British referred to October
proposals of Arab Delegation and asked JA Delegation whether it
desired to file its proposas. Ben-Gurion said that JA did not wish
to file proposals but that it would give British in writing itss 0bjections
to Morrison plan. Ben-Gurion inquired why British Government could
not return to pre-1939 regime I and carry out the mandate. To this
Creech Jones replied "with vehemence" that British Government is
no longer prepared to maintain an administration in Palestine which
has no roots in people of Palestine. To, do so would be contrary to
democratic principles in which British Government believed and Brit-
ish did not think that world opinion would tolerate in.Palestine an
autocratic-alien government., Consequently JA Delegation, must start
  1This refers, presumably, to the regime in Palestine prior to, the White
of May 1939; for text, see British Cmd. 6019, Palestine: Statement of Policy.

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