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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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Ministers on the 15th to receive the report would be postponed until
the 22nd.
  c. The report when submitted on the 22nd to the Ministers will be
labeled "provisional" or alternatively "a first report".
  d. After the report has been submitted to the Ministers on the
22nd, the conference will, subject to the approval of their govern-
ments, recess and not terminate. Sir Oliver Franks will be given the
authority, after the report has been more carefully analyzed by the
US, to reconvene the conference for such further work as may be
  3. Bevin indicated this morning when I saw him this procedure was
entirely satisfactory to him.
  As to the inclusion of bizonal areas-after discussion with Clayton,
we concluded that in the light of the difficulties that we had had in per-
suading the Executive Committee to follow the procedure outlined
above, it would only at that time have confused the major issue to
bring up the inclusion of bizonal area. Moreover, we felt that it
would be more appropriate to ask for the inclusion of the bizonal
areas when the conference is reconvened after the submission of the
"provisional" or "first report" and press for inclusion
during the
remaining 8 days of the present phase of the work of the conference.
840.50 Recovery/9-1247: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the United Kingdom
SECRET                   WASHINGTON, September 13, 1947-1 p. m.
  3987. For Douglas from the Secretary. With reference to Bevin
message (urtel 4950), we give you our views below. You are authorized
to express orally such portions as you may consider adequately re-
sponsive to Bevin's comments.
  Bevin's concern is fully appreciated but in light of press stories
both here and from Paris quoting Franks and FonOff spokesmen that
CEEC will complete "first report" on September 22 (AP and Times
from Paris, 12 September) there seems little use in a statement from
Washington at this time. Dept can not fully endorse CEEC report to
date or even projected "first report" of September 22 and, since
it is
likely that initial report will need some further revision, at least in
part, any optimistic comments would be contrary to facts, might take
heat off conferees, and would most certainly do harm here. Our under-
standing is that CEEC has agreed that it will reconvene if necessary
to consider further friendly aid suggestions from US after first
report is reviewed in Washington (where substantial cuts, particularly

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