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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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US and consequently endanger US support of any more reasonable
or more realistic European aid program.
   3. Indications are that CEEC report may state requirements greatly
exceeding potential aid available and that whole program shows little
more than lip service to principles of European self help and mutual
  4. US recognizes political difficulties of participating Govts in con-
forming national programs and objectives to a cooperative program
and subordinating separate national aims where necessary. US be-
lieves, however, that recognition this principle essential to US accept-
ance of program and that political consequences of rejection by US
of any aid program immeasurably worse. It was US hope that concept
and practice of cooperation would arouse response in European coun-
tries as positive approach toward defeating difficulties against which
participating countries have been trying to defend selves. As to food,
US recognizes political difficulty of Govt's planning for less than
satisfactory feeding, and that trimming of program to fit realities of
supply situation will come after program submitted and checked
against supplies available and possible. Reducing this trimming to
minimum, however, should be one objective of drafting program.
  5. Under Sec. Clayton is being asked by Dept to take up at once
with Exec. Comm., CEEC, a suggested course of action and time.
schedule aimed at deferring completion present CEEC report by ten
days to permit participating Govts to instruct delegates their views
as to recasting of report to have it concentrate emphasis on principles,
clearly indicate that report is not final but represents completion in-
itial steps of preparing document useful as basis of further discussion,
and that initial technical reports require further work by technical
committees to correct original deficiencies. (Note: Cable to Clayton
being repeated to you for info and background. Please avoid implying
interim aid or special session. ) 2
  6. US reps at Paris have already communicated to Exec. Comm. of
CEEC main essentials which are believed necessary to make program
workable and to enhance probability of acceptance. Technical experts
of participating countries at Paris possibly may not have communi-
cated these fully to their Govts, and instructions of participating
Govts to their reps at Paris may not permit appropriate weight being
given these essential aspects in Paris. Hence, US Govt is communicat-
ing them directly to participating Govts.
  7. Main essentials follow:
  a. The achievement within the four-year period of a workable Euro-
pean economy independent of special, outside aid.
2 Circular telegram of September 7, 1947-2 a. m., infra.

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