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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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lieve that program European economic recovery will be. greatly
strengthened by full participation western Germany. I therefore
concur in proposed US-UK statement for bizone as outlined Depart-
ment's 3841, to London, repeated Paris as 3336,. Berlin as 1809. I sug-
gest that it would be desirable, in order to assure participation all of
western Germany, to ask French Government whether it is disposed
to issue a collateral statement re French zone. Department's instruc-
tions by telegram requested.2
  Re foregoing, Benelux representative Executive Committee told me
this morning that he believed participation western Germany would
strengthen efforts being made to convince Switzerland and the Scan-
dinavian countries that all countries should participate in customs
union study group and that conference report should make adequate
provision for a continuing organization. In view of fact that confer-
ence report is nearing completion, I believe announcement should be
made at earliest possible moment.
  Sent to London for Douglas as 711; repeated Department as 3617;
USPolAd Berlin as 344, copy held for Clayton.
  2 The Department replied in telegram 3365 of September 7, 1947 that once
British agreed to a joint statement, it was "desirable to, notify French
and inquire
whether they wish to issue l)arallel statement re French zone." (840.50
840.50 Recovery/9-747: Circular Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to Diplomatic Representatives Ac-
  credited to Countries Participating in the Conference of Ea ropean
  Economic Cooperation and to the United States Political Adviser
  for Germany (Murphy) l
TOP SECRET                WVASHINGTON, September 7, 1947-1 a. m.
  To certain American diplomatic officers. 1. You are requested soonest
and not later than Tuesday to present orally to FonMin or at your
discretion to FonMin and Prime Minister substance of following:
  2. Admittedly incomplete info received by US Govt as to present
content proposed report by Conference on European Economic Co-
operation, which they now expect to complete about 15 Sept, is that it
has numerous deficiencies which if publicized as final report by
Europeans in response SecState's Harvard speech would make it un-
acceptable to State Dept, would undoubtedly evoke strong criticism in
  'The telegram which went to Paris was addressed to, both Ambassador Caffery
  and Under Secretary of State Clayton.

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