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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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to US Government. If steps to assure this result are taken, participat-
ing governments should also be urged to issue new instructions to their
delegations in Paris enabling them to prepare reports consistent with
US conditions. This would have to be done immediately to permit
delegations to prepare new reports, preferably by November 1, so as
to leave time for examination of reports in Washington prior to sub-
mission to Congress. If such developments were assured, present re-
ports could be published as preliminary documents to serve as working
papers for second phase of CEEC work. It is believed by Department
Economic Advisers that publication under these circumstances would
be much less damaging than otherwise. Course of action outlined
above would involve vigorous confidential representations to par-
ticipa;ting governments at this time but would avoid subsequent public
rejection by executive branches US Government of unsatisfactory, but
European approved program. If completion of program consistent
with US conditions extends beyond November 1, or if prolonged
Congressional consideration after January is required, Department
must of course give immediate attention to question of interim aid.
  8. Department may not wish to make representations to participat-
ing governments along lines suggested in paragraph seven above since
this might appear to violate principle of Marshall address that pro-
gram should be prepared on European initiative. In that event, US
Government should strongly urge participating countries to label
reports as tentative and as basis for further exploration of problem
by participating countries themselves. This action would at least
make subsequent reconsideration easier than if faulty reports are
published as final program but would not avoid danger that their
formal submission and publication might conceivably prejudice suc-
cess of entire project.
  9. In urging participating governments to adopt new approach and
issue new instructions adequate to meet US conditions, US Govern-
ment should state to them that it is prepared to instruct US military
authorities in Germany to cooperate with CEEC countries on same
basis and to same extent as participating governments. This would
greatly strengthen US position in urging new approach. US control
over final distribution of aid (as outlined in Deptel 3195, August 27,
1947 2) will enable us to protect position of bizonal area.
   Sent Dept 3610, repeated Geneva for Clayton 165, London for
 Douglas 707.
2 Telegram 3195, August 26, p. 383.

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