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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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developments in the Paris Conference on European Economic Cooper-
ation. I feel now that progress has been sufficient to lay a basis for
effective interdepartmental consideration of the policy issues involved
in any European recovery program. It is especially necessary to have
applied to this problem the best thinking of the interested Depart-
ments in order that a sound governmental position may be developed.
  I should like to emphasize particularly the urgency of action on this
question since the conference at Paris is expected to present a plan to
the United States Government around September 15.
  The documents enclosed herewith consist of:
  (1) Memorandum entitled "Certain Aspects of the European Re-
covery Problem from the United States Standpoint." This is a back-
ground study prepared in the Policy Planning Staff of the Depart-
ment during July.1 It is outdated in certain respects by the rapid march
of recent events, particularly in connection with the British dollar
  (2) A summary statement of the Department of State's present
views on the content of a European Economic Recovery Program,
which has been communicated to Under Secretary Clayton in Paris,
to guide him in his informal discussions with representatives at the
Conference.2 It should be noted that no U.S. representative has taken
any part in the meetings of the Paris Conference, and that Mr. Clay-
ton has at all times explicitly stated to representatives of other govern-
ments that he can in no way commit the United States Government to
any course of action.
   (3) A report, entitled "Problems of European Reconstruction"3
which the Department of State is considering releasing informally at
the appropriate time as background material on the nature of the
economic problems being faced by European countries.
  I hope to send you shortly (4) a more detailed statement of the De-
partment's present views and (5) a rough draft of possible required
  You will note that the documents enclosed do not touch upon the
capacity of the United States to aid Europe since this is a subject for
study by the Committees appointed by the President on June 22, 1947.
  ' See editorial note, p. 337.
  2 This information was communicated to Under Secretary Clayton in telegram
3029 to Paris, August 14, p. 356.
  3 This document, prepared by the Economic Offices; in the Department of
is document D-4/19 of the Committee on European Recovery Program, not printed.
A copy is in the Committee's records in Lot 122.
  4 On September 5 the Department sent to the President two additional docu-
ments: (a) "Questions of Policy and Procedure Regarding U.S. Aid to
a Euro-
pean Program of Economic Recovery", which wais presumably document D-16a,
prepared on August 25, and (b) an initial draft of possible required legislation,
prepared by the Committee on the European Recovery Program as document D-18.
These documents are in Lot 22, and letters of transmittal of copies sent
to other
departments are in the 840.50 Recovery file.

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