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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

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continuing development of any accepted program. Emphasis should
be given to major role of continuing organization of participating
countries (plus bizonal German area), both in implementing and in
progressively refining any agreed program.
                          H. PROCEDURES
   1. When the Conference has first draft of program, U.S. representa-
 tives in Paris should review it informally, presumably with Executive
 Committee. Review should cover both general policy matters and tech-
 nical questions, and U.S. group in Paris should include technician
 qualified on all phases of program. Purpose of review is to afford U.S.
 representatives opportunity to seek explanations and clarifications of
 points that are not clear. In such discussions, U.S. representatives
 would be guided by above statements on essentials of workable pro-
 gram. This should be opportunity to guide both content and conclu-
 sions of Conference report. It should be made clear that U.S.
 representatives are taking this action to facilitate presentation of pro-
 gram to U.S. Government and that it is not final U.S. critical analysis
 of program looking toward approval.
 2. When the Conference has completed report, it should be trans-
 mitted to U.S. Transmittal by Bevin as Conference Chairman to
 Secretary Marshall would be satisfactory. Desirable to have document
 physically in Washington prior to release to press in Paris so that
 copies can be made here for distribution. First impact on U.S. public
 should not be through newspaper accounts cabled from Paris.
 3. After report has been received in Washington and given at least
 cursory examination, it would be desirable for Conference representa-
 tives, presumably Executive Committee, to discuss it in Washington
 with U.S. Executive Departments.
 4. Drafting of multilateral and bilateral agreements would start
 simultaneously with submission of proposed legislation to Congress.
840.50 Recovery/8-2947
        The Acting Secretary of State to President Truman
TOP SECRET                        [WASHINGTON,] August 29, 1947.
  MY DEAR MR. PRESIDENT: I am enclosing herewith three documents
which represent certain preliminary work of the Department of State
setting forth the problems of European Recovery.
  The complexity of the subject is such that it has taken some time to
formulate worthwhile specific views on this question. It has also been
necessary in order to reach this stage to obtain some concept of the

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