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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. The British Commonwealth; Europe

List of abbreviations, symbols, and code names,   pp. XI-XIV PDF (1.4 MB)

Page XIV

RFC, Reconstruction Finance Corpo-
RGR, PRassemblement des Gauches
  Republicaines  (French  political
RJ, Ratification by Yugoslavia of the
  Treaty of Peace with Italy
RPF, Rassemiblement diu Peuple Fran-
  Vais (French political party)
S-Day, Signature Day (as applied to
  the Treaty of Peace with Italy)
SAC, Supreme Allied Ciommander
SACMED, Supreme Allied Com-
  imander, Mediterranean
SAFEHAVEN, a program directed
  against efforts by the Axis govern-
  iments to secrete funds or other as-
  sets in neutral countries
Salco, see Lasco
SAS, Scandinavian Airlines System,
SC, Security C'ouncil
SCAP, Supreme Commander for the
  Allied Powers (in Japan)
SD, social democrats
SE, Division of Southern European
  Affairs, Department of State
Secdel, see Delsec
SecState, Secretary of State
SHAEF, Supreme Headquarters, Al-
  lied Expeditionary Force
SOA, Division of South Asian Affairs,
  Department of State
SPITS, Spitsbergen, Svalbard
SWN, designation for a series of
  papers presented to the State-War-
  Navy Coordinating Committee
SWNCC, State, War, Navy Coordinat-
  ing Committee, and also a designa-
  tion of a series of papers presented
  to that Committee
SYG, Secretary General
TA, Trade Agreement
TAC, Interdepartmental Committee
-on Trade Agreements
Telmar,.see Martel
TIAS, Treaties and Other Interna-
  tional Acts Series, official publica-
  tion by the Department of State
  superseding the Treaty Series and
  the Executive Agreement Series
TRUST, Trieste United States Troops
UDSR, Union Democratique et So-
  sialiste de la Resistance (French
  political party)
UE, Office of the Under Secretary of
  State for Economic affairs
UGT, Uni6n General del Trabajadores
  (Spanish labor group)
UNESCO, United Nations Educa-
  tional, Scientific and Cultural Orga-
UNGA, United Nations General As-
UQ, Uomo Qaalunque (Mr. Every-
  man), a movement, and then a po-
  litical party, founded in Italy in
  1946 by Guglielmo Giannini, a
  movement of protest against the
urdes, urtel, your despatch, telegram
USAFE, United States Air Forces in
USAF, United States Air Force
USFET, United States Forces, Eu-
  ropean Theater
USDel, U.S. Delegation
USFA, United States Forces in Austria
USFAP, United States Foreign Aid
USFRP, United States Foreign Relief
USG, Un'ited States Government
USIS, United States Information
USPoIAd, United   States  Political
VG, Venezia Giulia
WAA, War Assets Administration
WARX, War Department call sign, for
  messages emanating from the War
  Department or from Army Head-
  quarters, Washington
WD, War Department
WDSCA, War Department Special
  Staff, Civil Affairs Division
WE, Division of Western European
  Affairs, Department of State
WFTU, World Federation of Trade
WPA, Works Progress Administration
YMS, Auxiliary Motor Mine Sweeper
  (Navy symbol)
yrdes, yrtel, your despatch, telegram
Z.I., Zone of the Interior

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