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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States, 1947. General; The United Nations

United States interest in international economic collaboration for the expansion of world trade and employment: negotiations at Geneva leading to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and to the convening of the Havana conference,   pp. 909-1025 PDF (44.4 MB)

Page 982

interest to UK for later use in getting releases for elimination of
preferences enjoyed by UK in the dominions.
  (h) Might seek commitment from IJK to resume negotiations in
hope of finding more satisfactory solution when Britain has gotten
through the immediate crisis; also commitment from dominions that
effect would be given by them to any agreement later reached with
UK for elimination of preferential margins in dominion tariffs.
560.AL/8-3047: Telegram
   The Consul at Geneva (Troutman) to the Secretary of State
TOP SECRET                      GENEVA, August 30, 1947-1 p. m.
  934. For Lovett from Wilcox. Have indications (urtel 1122, Au-
gust 29)1 Commonwealth countries working on requests we presented
to each of them re all preferences. Unlikely receive answer from
UK before September 5. Therefore expect counter proposal rather
than rejection. If reply still unsatisfactory Clayton and Douglas be-
lieve we should talk with Cripps again presumably week of Septem-
ber 8. Suggest discussion proposal re section nine await outcome.
  Sent Dept; repeated Paris for Clayton 92; London for Ambassador
95. [Wilcox.]
  1Telegram 1122, not printed, described the Department's thinking that an
change of notes might be prepared to permit a relaxation of section 9 of
financial agreement; this would not, however, be discussed with the British
either a preference agreement had been reached or Clayton advised that such
move would have no adverse effect at Geneva. (560.AL/8-2947) Section 9 pro-
hibited discriminatory import arrangements; for text, see 60 Stat. (pt. 2)
and 1844.
560.AL/9-1547: Telegram
    The Comul at Geneva (Troutman) to the Secretary of State
SECRET                       GENEVA, September 15, 1947-11 a. m.
  1005. Commonwealth answers our new proposal regarding prefer-
ences received September 9 are unsatisfactory. Wilcox, Brown, Beale
discussed steps with Clayton [and] Douglas in Paris September 10.
Agreed inform Commonwealth offers unsatisfactory and make new
approach Cripps proposing action elimination preferences enjoyed
by UK be postponed three years and taken gradually over following 10
years. Wilcox informing heads Commonwealth delegations Geneva
September .15. Hopes discuss again with Clayton, Douglas London
September 17. Has asked Clayton date Cripps September 17. or 18.
Hawkins,; Brown will participate. Will report result.

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