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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States : diplomatic papers, 1945. Europe

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Page 836

836            FOREIGN RELATIONS, 19 45, VOLUME IV
740.00116 EW/7-1645: Telegram
The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Political Adviser
                for Germany (Mutrphy), at Hoechst
                                  WASHNGTON, July 16, 1945-5 p. m.
  121. Urtel 51 June 26.90 The following general provisions which
are substantially the same as those approved by CCS 91 (see Facs 92
259) as applicable in the case of persons suspected of war crimes in
a country formerly occupied by Germany or in Italy, should in Dept's
view apply in the case of all ex-satellite detainees; they should be
delivered through respective ACC's to authorities of ex-satellite states
on latter's request except (a) those wanted for trial by Allied military
authorities; (b) those who held high political, civil or military posi-
tion in ex-satellite countries and may be desired for trial before an
international tribunal; (c) witnesses in (a) or (b) above; (d) those
wanted by one or more nations in addition to the ex-satellite; and
(e) those whose cases involve special political or other unusual
  Dept believes that the provisions of JCS 1349 94 on United Nations
renegades and quislings should also be applied to renegades and
quislings whose delivery is requested by ex-satellite countries. In
connection with (e) above and paragraph 5 of JCS 1349 you should
consult American political representatives in countries concerned and
  90Not printed; it asked the Department's views regarding the disposition
be made of Hungarian and other Axis satellite nationals, particularly diplo-
mats and other political figures, found in areas occupied by United States
troops  (740.00119 Control (Germany) /6-2645).
  91 Combined Chiefs of Staff.
  92 Military message indicator.
  9 During June 1945, the Hungarian Government requested of the United
States authorities the extradition of certain Hungarian nationals accused
of war
crimes. In a letter to Hungarian Prime Minister Miklos dated September 6,
1945, Major General Key stated that he was authorized to deliver the war
criminals named by the Hungarian Government provided the following condi-
tions were met: 1) any of the war criminals desired as a witness or defendant
at the International War Crimes Tribunal would be returned by Hungary; 2)
none of the war criminals would be executed by the Hungarian Government
prior to the completion of trial of the major war criminals at Nuremberg;
the United States would have the right to receive a transcript of all proceedings
of the Hungarian war crimes trials. In a letter to Major General Key dated
September 10, 1945, Prime Minister Miklos agreed to these conditions. The
first Hungarian war criminals to be turned over to the Hungarian Government
by the United States authorities arrived in Budapest on October 3, 1945.
included three wartime Prime Ministers of the Hungarian Government: Ladislas
Bardossy, DE6me Sztojay, and Francis Szalasi. The first of the Hungarian
war criminals to be tried 'by a Hungarian court, former Prime Minister Bar-
dossy, was sentenced to death on November 3. 1945. After having been informed
by United States authorities that Bardossy would not be needed at the interna-
tional trials at Nuremberg, the Hungarian Government carried out the sentence
on January 9, 1946.       0
9 The paper under reference was approved by the State-War-Navy Coordinat-
ing Committee in the form of an enclosure to document SWNCC 42/1 of May 23,
1945: for text, see vol. nI, p. 515.

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