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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States. Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945

Introduction,   pp. XI-XX PDF (3.9 MB)


in the collection are copies of the more important conference docu-
ments and one paper of British origin dating from Malta. The
Bohlen Collection, while by no means complete, has been regarded
by the Department and the White House as the nearest approach to
an official American record of the Yalta Conference.
  2. Hiss Collection-This collection consists of the notes and docu-
ments pertaining to Yalta which were collected by Alger Hiss, then
Deputy Director of the Office of Special Political Affairs. The col-
lection contains the original penciled notes taken by Hiss at a number
of meetings at Yalta, together with a roughly chronological assort-
ment of conference papers and United States Delegation working
memoranda and notes prepared by Hiss and others at Yalta. The
collection also contains one paper prepared at Malta, a few Yalta,
papers of British origin, and several papers prepared in the spring
of 1945 which pertain to subjects discussed at Yalta. The original
Hiss notes on the Yalta meetings have been printed in this publica-
tion as nearly facsimile as feasible. A number of memoranda pre-
pared by Hiss at Yalta were not included in this particular collection
but were found elsewhere in the UNA files of which this collection
formed a part.
  3. Matthews Files-The files accumulated in the office of H. Freeman
Matthews, then Director of the Office of European Affairs. These
voluminous files contain a number of Yalta papers not in other col-
lections. They also contain the original penciled notes taken by
Matthews at six plenary meetings and four Foreign Ministers' meet-
ings at Yalta. The Matthews notes on the plenary meetings had been
transcribed by Matthews into smooth minutes and these have been
reproduced in this volume. The rough notes on the Foreign Minis-
ters' meetings, which Matthews had not transcribed, are reproduced
in this volume as nearly facsimile as feasible.
  4. UNA Files-The files of the Bureau (Office) of United Nations
Affairs (now the Bureau of International Organization Affairs).
These files contain a voluminous collection of documents regarding
the establishment of the United Nations and related subjects.
  5. Executive Secretariat Files-These files provided the only copy
that could be found in the Department of State of the Yalta Briefing
  6. LIT Files-The files of the Assistant Legal Adviser for Treaty
  7. EE Files-The files of the Office (Division) of Eastern European
  8. EUR Files-The files of the Bureau (Office) of European Affairs.
  9. Moscow Embassy Files-Certain files of the American Embassy at
Moscow for the period 1936-1950 which are now in the Department
of State.

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