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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States. Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945

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American, British, or Russian origin, that were actually submitted
or exchanged as a part of the international negotiations at the con-
ferences. It also includes, of course, the international documents
signed at Yalta. For both Malta and Yalta, documents of this
type have been included for military, as well as political, subjects.
  (3) Intradelegation Documentation-This type of documentation
includes minutes or notes on discussions within the United States
Delegation bearing directly on the subjects under negotiation at the
conferences with either the British or the Russians or both. It also
includes memoranda and correspondence on such subjects within the
United States Delegation or between the Delegation and other
officers of the United States Government. At Malta and Yalta
there were frequent meetings of top civilian advisers with the Secre-
tary of State or the President to discuss political subjects under
negotiation at the conferences, but apparently no minutes of these
discussions were prepared. Such notes as could be found on these
discussions have been included, together with all significant intra-
delegation memoranda dealing with international conference subjects.
  On the military side, minutes were regularly kept of the meetings
of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Malta and Yalta. Those portions of
these minutes which relate to subjects under international negotia-
tion at the conferences are included in this volume, together with
such related documents as are not adequately summarized in the
minutes themselves.
                      UNPUBLISHED SOURCES
  Only a small proportion of the total documentation published in
this volume was found in the indexed Central Files of the Department
of State. Documents which came from those files are indicated by
a file number, in the usual style of Foreign Relations. The great
majority of documents in this volume came either from unindexed
files (i. e., special collections) within the Department of State or from
documentary collections outside the Department. These sources
are indicated by brief headnotes above each document. The files
and collections so indicated are described in the following paragraphs.
  1. Bohlen Collection-This collection consists of the Yalta minutes
and documents collected by Charles E. Bohlen, then Assistant to the
Secretary of State, who served as interpreter for the President at
Yalta. It contains all the minutes of the plenary meetings at Yalta
which were prepared by Bohlen. It also includes one memorandum
of conversation dictated by Averell Harriman and the minutes of the
meetings of the Foreign Ministers at Yalta which were taken by
Edward Page, Jr., then Second Secretary of the American Embassy
at Moscow, who served as interpreter for Secretary Stettinius. Also

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