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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States. Conferences at Malta and Yalta, 1945

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U. S. S. Quincy with Prime Minister Churchill and with the American
and British Chiefs of Staff.
  Most of the American and British representatives who participated
in the Malta Conference proceeded by plane on February 3 to the
Crimea, where the tripartite conference with the Russians took place
from February 4 to February 11. Although the officially approved
name of this meeting was "The Crimea Conference", the term "Yalta
Conference" has become so widely accepted that it has been used
throughout the present volume. As a matter of fact, the conference
did not meet in the city of Yalta itself. The American delegation
was housed in Livadia Palace about two miles southwest of Yalta on
the coastal road, and it was here that a majority of the conference
meetings were held. The Soviet delegation occupied the Yusupov
Palace, located several miles farther west in the village of Koreiz,
while the British delegation was accommodated in the Vorontsov
Villa at Alupka, about two miles beyond Koreiz. Although the
names "Koreiz" and "Alupka" have been retained on those
documents in this volume on which they appear, the editors have
used only the word "Yalta" as the designation of the conference
wherever such indication needed to be supplied.
                      SCOPE OF COVERAGE
  The editors have presented in this volume as definitive and com-
prehensive a coverage of the Malta and Yalta conferences as could
be made at the present time. To achieve this purpose it was neces-
sary to obtain much documentation that was never in the files of the
Department of State, notably presidential and military papers.
  A few papers pertinent to the Malta and Yalta conferences had been
obtained by the Department of State from the White House, beginning
as early as 1946. By 1950 all White House papers prepared by or
for President Roosevelt had been sent to the Franklin D. Roosevelt
Library at Hyde Park, New York. In order to facilitate the collec-
tion of source material for the present volume the Department of
State in 1953 asked for the cooperation of-the Roosevelt Library.
The Director of this Library, with the approval of the Archivist of
the United States, set up a special project to identify and microfilm
for the editors of this volume all documents pertinent to these two
conferences from the Roosevelt and Hopkins Papers in the custody of
the Library.
  Since the files of the Department of State contained very few papers
on the military staff discussions at Malta and Yalta, the Department
of State also obtained the assistance of the Department of Defense in
locating and releasing documents from the military records of these
conferences. This type of material consists of papers documenting
the official position or advice of the War and Navy Departments on

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