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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States : diplomatic papers, 1944. The American Republics

Cuba,   pp. 892-1012 PDF (43.1 MB)

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  In the course of an interview which I had with the Minister of
State 38 on July 14, 1944, he inquired how pressing it is to make pay-
ment of the sum of $1,400,000 due as of July 1, 1943, covering Lend-
Lease materials furnished the Cuban Government.
  It is becoming increasingly apparent that President Batista intends
to discomfit the incoming Administration in every way possible, par-
ticularly financially. A systematic raid on the Treasury is in full
swing with the result that Dr. Grau :8 will probably find empty coffers
when he takes office on October 10. (Reference despatch no. 7433
of July 15, 1944.40) It is blatant that President Batista desires that Dr.
Grau San Martin should assume obligations which in fairness and
equity should be a matter of settlement by the present Administration.
  When I next see the Minister of State I propose to point out that,
technically under the Lend-Lease agreement, $2,100,000 was due from
the Cuban Government as of July 1, 1944, although no bill has been
presented for the full amount; that the United States Government is
only seeking at this time payment of $1,400,000 due as of July 1, 1943.
I shall say that as my Government has now presented the account for
a portion of what is due, it naturally hopes that payment will be made
as promptly as possible.
  I shall be grateful for any suggestions or recommendations which
the Department may wish to make in the premises.
  Respectfully yours,                           SPRUILLE BRAEim
    The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Cuba (Braden)
No. 4506                         WASHINGTON, September 26,1944.
  SIR: Reference is made to the Department's instruction no. 3012 of
March 20, 1944 40 and prior correspondence, and also to the Ambas-
sador's recent discussions with officials of the Department,41 in rela-
tion to claims of American nationals against the Government of
  As suggested in the Embassy's despatch no. 5554 of December 30,
1943,40 the view of this Government that the Cuban Government
should take definite and serious steps promptly to liquidate claims of
American nationals against that Government, particularly those
involving unsatisfied judgments of Cuban Courts and also those
   Jorge Mafiach y Robato.
   Ram6n Grau San Martin, President-elect.
 40 Not printed.
 1 Ambassador Braden was in the United States from July 24 to September 21,

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