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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1943. The Near East and Africa

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him that Mr. Murray would undoubtedly give him chapter and verse
for the statements and suggestions I had just made to him.
                                              S [UMNER] V W[ELLES]
891.00/1979: Telegram
The Charge' in the United Kingdomr (Matthews) to the Secretary
                             of State
                                LONDON, January 7, 1943-11 p. m.
                                [Received January 8-6: 29 a. m.]
  282. Foreign Office's comments on questions affecting Iran, men-
tioned in Embassy's 7114, December 15, 8 p. M.4 have just been re-
ceived in memorandum form with a covering letter dated January 6
signed by Mr. Eden.5 Mr. Eden's letter reads as follows:
  "I hope that this memorandum will clear up any minor misunder-
standings which may have arisen between our two Governments on
Persian problems. I believe that on the main issues we are both in
substantial agreement.
  There is one further point, not dealt with in the memorandum,
which I should like to bring to your personal notice. It is implied
in the State Department's comments that, although our two Govern-
ments see more or less eye to eye, nevertheless Sir Reader Bullard 6
is carrying out a policy of his own, which is not in accordance with
our views, but creates unnecessary difficulties with the Persians. I
hope that the State Department will dismiss this possibility com-
pletely from their minds. I am convinced that Bullard is loyally
carrying out the policy of His Majesty's Government to the best of
his ability, and I have the fullest confidence in him. It is true that
he has sometimes had to take action of a nature displeasing to the
Persians, who thereupon are apt to run around to Mr. Dreyfus to
complain. But on these occasions he has acted with the full approval
of His Majesty's Government and as I believe in the interests of the
United Nations. If, as I hope, the United States representative in
Persia is able to cooperate more actively in future in maintaining
the interests of the United Nations, I think we shall encounter far
less difficulty than hitherto in our dealings with the Persian
  The memorandum which is dated January 4 reads as follows:
  "The United States Embassy's memorandum of the 14th December,7
communicating the observations of the State Department on recent
developments in Persia, has been considered in the Foreign Office with
the greatest care and sympathy. It is believed that the policy of His
Majesty's Government towards Persia corresponds very closely with
4 Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iv, p. 220.
  6 Anthony Eden, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
  'British Minister in Iran.
  'See telegram No. 6280, December 11, 9 p. m., 1942, to the Ambassador in
United Kingdom, Foreign Relations, 1942, vol. iv, p. 214.

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