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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1943. Europe

Denmark,   pp. 6-21 PDF (5.9 MB)

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not think that a radical change would produce any noticeable advan-
tage to the cause of the United Nations, and in any case we doubt if
anything we could do would produce such a change.
AMemorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division
                of European Affairs (Cummrning)
                                  [WAsHINGToN,] August 20,1943.
Participants: Mr. Donald Hall, First Secretary, British Embassy;
              Mr. David Bowes-Lyon, British PWE Mission; 4
              Mr. Turkelson;
              Mr. Hugh S. Cumming, Jr., Assistant Chief, Division
                    of European Affairs;
              Mr. R. Borden Reams, Division of European Affairs.
  Mr. Donald Hall, accompanied by Mr. Bowes-Lyon, called on me
today by appointment to present Mr. Turkelson. Mr. Turkelson is
a Dane employed by the PWE who is in the United States for a visit
of about one month. His trip was arranged by PWE with, I under-
stand, the approval of the Danish Council in London and Mr. de Kauff-
mann, Danish Minister in Washington.
  Mr. Hall referred to the previous conversation which I had had with
him about a fortnight ago during which I had informed him, on in-
structions of Assistant Secretary Berle, of our concern lest a telegram
sent by the Danish Council in London to Danes in the United States
and presumably in other parts of the world might indicate a diver-
gence between British and American views regarding the propaganda
and political warfare line to be taken toward Denmark. (During this
previous conversation Mr. Hall had told me he felt sure that the Dan-
ish Council's telegram did not represent British official views, which
he was sure coincided, except possibly the minor points of detail, with
the State Department's views. He promised to take the matter up
with the Foreign Office.)
  Mr. Hall said that he had now received a reply to the inquiry which
he had sent the Foreign Office and handed me a copy of the Foreign
Office telegram which is attached hereto marked A.5
  Mr. Bowes-Lyon had a copy of another telegram which he had
received from the Foreign Office, a copy of which is attached hereto
and marked B.5
  After reading these telegrams I remarked that the line set forth in
these messages differed considerably from the line taken in the tele-
gram sent out by the Danish Council in London and that the new
British line, except in certain minor points of emphasis, seemed to
  4Political Warfare Executive Mission.
  'Not attached to file copy of this memorandum.

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