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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1943. General

The Tripartite Conference in Moscow, October 18-November 1, 1943,   pp. 513-781 PDF (95.8 MB)

Page 523

                       MOSCOW   CONFERENCE                      523
to continue hostilities against those Axis powers with which they re-
spectively are at war until such powers have laid down their arms on
the basis of unconditional surrender;
  conscious of their responsibility to secure the liberation of themselves
and the peoples allied with them from the menace of aggression;
  recognizing the necessity of ensuring a rapid and orderly transition
from war to peace and of establishing and maintaining international
peace and security with the least diversion of the world's human and
economic resources for armaments;
  jointly declare:
  1. That their united action, pledged for the prosecution of the war,
will be continued for the organization and maintenance of peace and
  2. That those of them at war with a common enemy will act together
in all matters relating to the surrender and disarmament of that enemy,
and to any occupation of enemy territory and of territory of other
states held by that enemy.
  3. That they will take all measures deemed by them to be necessary
to provide against any violation of the requirements imposed upon
their present enemies.
  4. That they recognize the necessity of establishing'at the earliest
practicable date a general international organization, based on the
principle of the sovereign equality of all nations, and open to member-
ship by all nations, large and small, for the maintenance of
international peace and security.
  5. That for the purpose of maintaining international peace and
security pending the reestablishment of law and order and the in-
auguration of a general system of security, they will consult and act
jointly in behalf of the community of nations.
  6. That, in connection with the foregoing purpose, they will es-
tablish a technical commission to advise them on the military prob-
lems involved, including the composition and strength of the forces
available in an emergency arising from a threat to the peace.
  7. That they will cooperate with each other in bringing about a
practicable lightening of the burden of armaments for themselves and
for the world.
  8. That they will not employ their military forces within the ter-
ritories of other states except for the purposes envisaged in this decla-
ration and after joint consultation and agreement.
the one upon which the amendments presented in British Embassy Note No.
612, September 28, printed on p. 5.31, were based. It is also the draft which
revised by the "Tentative Draft of a Joint Declaration" presented
at the
Moscow Conference by Secretary Hull on October 21 and printed on p. 600.

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