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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1941. Europe

Greece,   pp. 635-754 PDF (42.5 MB)

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lished in London, he hoped that a new American Minister would be
appointed near that Government to replace Mr. MacVeagh.
   I said I would be very happy to take this matter up with the Presi-
dent and that I felt sure that the President would desire Mr. Biddle
to be accredited to the Greek Government. I said that as soon as I
received the President's approval I would request the agrement for
Mr. Biddle through the Minister.33
                                              S[UtTNER] W[ELLES]
740.00116 European War 1939/460
    The Greek Mini8ter (Diamantopoulos) to the Secretary of State
No. 3571                           WASHINGTON December 8, 1941.
  MR. SECRETARY: Following my communication dated November 28th
1941,84 I have the honor to bring to your knowledge that information
which has recently reached the Royal Hellenic Government confirms
that from the Bulgarian point of view certain Greek and Yugoslav
territories are now considered as forming an integral part of Bulgar-
ian State having been virtually annexed to it. Thus King Boris in
his speech at the opening session of Sobranye on October 28, 1941,
expressing his satisfaction that the foreign policy followed by Bul-
garia has yielded the best results for her added: "Thanks to our co-
operation with Axis the two Provinces of Macedonia and Thrace have
now returned within the frontiers of the Bulgarian Motherland. In
this area of the European cooperation under the direction of the Axis
powers and their two great leaders truth has been crowned with
victory." These statements by the Bulgarian King which in them-
selves leave no doubt as to the Bulgarian intentions are supplemented
by reports telegraphed from Sofia and widely published by the Turkish
press without being denied or refuted by the Bulgarian Legation at
Ankara. These reports stated that the Bulgarian Government have
decided to proceed to the repopulation of the territories recently re-
stored to Bulgaria and that they intend to see to the establishment of
Bulgarian populations in these areas. A decision was recently taken
by the Bulgarian Cabinet on the matter and a relative decree stipulates
that all real property whether urban or rural as well as all movable
property belonging either to Bulgarians who emigrated as the result
of the last war or to Greeks who left Thrace during the recent military
operations there shall be placed at the disposal of Bulgarian nationals
who will settle in Thrace. The decree also adds that Bulgarian
   President Roosevelt gave his approval, October 14, 1941, and Anthony J.
Drexel Biddle, Jr., was appointed Minister to Greece, November 13, 1941.
" Not printed.

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