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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1938. General

Meeting at Evian, France, to form an inter-governmental committee for assistance of political refugees from Germany including Austria,   pp. 740-886 PDF (54.6 MB)

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would be less than three months. His friends would then come to this office
and beg for a letter to the effect that Mr. Blank, having a serial number
12,906, for example, at the American Consulate General at Stuttgart, would
receive a visa quota number within three months! While this office has obviously
been unable to supply any such letters, it has in many cases telephoned the
Consulate General at Stuttgart, at the applicant's expense, and after verification
of the latter's serial waiting number, given him a statement that, all other
things being equal, he might expect to be examined for a visa within a certain
number of months. A great deal of time has been taken up during the last
three weeks in this work alone, but it is a comfort to realize that through
such cooperation it has been possible for a great many helpless and persecuted
people to receive shelter and a waiting place in Luxemburg.
 Respectfully yours, GEORGE PLAIT WALLER
840.48 Refugees/1039
The Acting Secretary of State to the Charge in the Dom~inican
Republic (Hinicle)
No. 115 WASHINGTON, December 1, 1938.
 SIR: The President's Advisory Committee on Political Refugees has requested
Mr. Alfred Houston to visit the Dominican Republic to study the possibilities
of settlement there, and he will call upon you in the near future.
 As you are no doubt aware, the problem of finding concrete opportunities
for large scale settlement of political refugees is an exceedingly difficult
one. The Department understands the Legation's views concerning the possibilities
of settlement in the Dominican Republic and the reasons for those views,
but the expressed attitude of the Dominican Government is more favorable
than that expressed by any other Government in this hemisphere. While the
figures mentioned by the Dominican representative at London are exceedingly
large, it is believed that the attitude of the Dominican Government may make
possible the settlement in its territory of very substantial numbers of refugees.
 The purpose of Mr. Houston's trip is to investigate the practical aspects
of settlement in the Dominican Republic and particularly to seek an understanding
with General Trujillo concerning the treatment to be accorded refugees after
they have reached the Dominican Republic. I know that you will do everything
in your power to facilitate the success of Mr. Houston's mission.
 Very truly yours, SUMNER WELLES

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