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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Turkey,   pp. 941-958 PDF (6.1 MB)

Page 948

  As indicated in the Department's telegram No. 49 of July 1, our
procedure includes a preliminary public announcement by this Gov-
ernment that the negotiation of a trade agreement with the other
country is contemplated. The purpose of this announcement is to
afford American interests opportunity to present views as to the prod-
ucts to be covered. Such announcement includes the statement that at
a later date formal public notice of intention to negotiate will be
given. Accompanying the formal notice there is published a list of
articles under consideration for concessions to the other country. In
order to be in a position to publish such a list in connection with,
Turkey, it is necessary for us to have a list of products on which the
Turkish Government contemplates requesting concessions from the
United States. The formal notice constitutes an invitation to our
domestic interests to submit briefs with respect to articles included
in the published list and sets a date for public hearings here. This
Government does not make public announcement, prior to conclusion
of an agreement, of products on which we seek concessions from the
other country.
  In view of our policy and the requirements of our procedure with
regard to the publication of a list of articles under consideration for
concessions to Turkey to accompany the formal notice of intention to
negotiate, the Turkish authorities may wish to reconsider their re-
quest list contained in your telegram under reference, particularly
bearing in mind the rule of principal or important supplier. The
greatest care should be used in the preparation of this list since it will
be difficult to consider products not contained in the published list.
There is no necessity for the Turkish Government to indicate at this
stage the exact nature of the concessions to be requested. There need
be included only the description and tariff number of the product,
conforming as closely as possible to the United States tariff nomen-
clature with respect to such product. It is necessary for us to have
such a list from the Turkish authorities as soon as, possible after the
issuance of the preliminary announcement, but in any case not later
than 4 weeks after the date of that announcement.
  For your confidential information: if the question of a reduction
in the duty on cigarette leaf tobacco is referred to, you should state
that although it will probably not be possible for this Government to
grant such a reduction, consideration could be given to binding the
present duty. A duty reduction on tobacco would very likely be of
little if any benefit to Turkey and would probably result in a sub-
stantial reduction of our customs revenue. See page 17 of the Com-
mercial Attache's memorandum of June 24, 1937, enclosed with your
despatch No. 292 of June 30.6
" Not printed.

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