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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Syria and the Lebanon,   pp. 923-938 PDF (6.0 MB)

Page 924

  This Treaty went into effect on or about the 30th day of August,
1924 and hence, the period of limitation provided for therein expired
on the 30th day of August, 1926.
  It seems further that by an agreement made in the form of an
exchange of letters -between the French and the Turkish governments
dated May 29th, 1937,3 the following was agreed upon:
  "Persons originating from Syria or Lebanon who were residing in
a foreign country at the date of August 30, 1924, but who neglected
to vote within the specified period stipulated in Article 34 of the Treaty
of Lausanne, are authorized to cast their vote within one year from
the date on which this agreement was made."
  I am advised that a notice has been sent by the French Consulate
General in the City of New York calling attention to the fact that
all persons who have not acquired Syrian or Lebanese nationality
at the time of the issuance of said notice, including such persons who
made a declaration option after August 30th, 1926, or simply had
their civil status registered with a French Consulate, or with the
civil authorities of their place of birth through the intermediary of
relatives residing in Syria or Lebanon, they may now do so by
executing a letter in triplicate signed and dated May 29, 1938,-said
letter to contain the necessary information as regards their name,
first name, date and place of birth, the name and first names, date
and place of birth of their parents and signifying their choice of
  The said notice states in conclusion that failing to comply with this
procedure before May 29, 1938, Turkish citizens of Syrian or Lebanese
origin will be definitely considered as Turks. Said notice further
provides that persons who have acquired the nationality of the country
of their residence must, in order to obtain recognition in Syria or
Lebanon as such nationals, produce the Firman enforced by the
Ottoman Law of 1869,4 granting the authorization to renounce the
Ottoman nationality, or in the event their naturalization was obtained
subsequent to the occupation of their country by the Allies, the authori-
zation for acquisition of a foreign nationality which should have
been issued to them by the Allies or the French authorities; and,
failing to produce either one of these documents, the naturalized
emigrant who would have occasion to institute or to be the object of
an action trial or lawsuit in his native land or who would temporarily
or definitely return to his native country, will be considered as a
Turkish subject in conformity with the Treaty of Lausanne, as well
as the Franco-Turkish agreement of May 29th, 1937.
  I am enclosing herewith the form5 issued by the French Consulate
  See despatch No. 278, September 13, from the Consul General at Beirut,
  Ottoman Nationality Law of January 19, 1869; for French text, see Britisht
and Foreign State Papers, vol. LxVII, p. 1251.
  f Not printed.

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