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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Morocco,   pp. 858-880 PDF (8.5 MB)

Page 865

of Syria and Palestine, would offer the advantage of being more
expeditious. The exchange of letters might bear effect beginning
with the first of January, 1938. As to the establishment of the list
of the ex-American proteges, it might be drawn up within a period
of six months by agreement between the Residency General at Rabat
and the competent American Consular authority.
  In -case Your Excellency might agree to the procedure of the ex-
change of letters, I think I should submit to you, herewith, a draft
  I may add that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic is
entirely prepared to give to the Embassy of the United States at Paris
all supplementary explanations which the Embassy of the United
States at Paris might desire to receive regarding the Franco-Britannic
negotiations which have just come to a successful conclusion. In fact,
it appears that the Franco-American conversations might be carried
on more fruitfully at Paris because of the facilities which the Amer-
ican experts would have for comingf into touch with the high magis-
trates and the officials of the protectorate of France in Morocco.
  In expressing the hope that the Government of the United States
will be good enough to exert itself for the purpose of giving satisfac-
tion to the legitimate desire of my Government to put an end in
Morocco to a situation which appears to be incompatible with present
conditions, I would be very much obliged to Your Excellency if you
would be so kind as to advise me as soon as may be practicable of the
reception given to the proposal of Mr. Yvon Delbos.18
  Please accept [etc.]                              JULES HENRY
Memorandum by the Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs
                                  [WASHINGTON,] August 27, 1937.
  Mr. Jules Henry, Charge d'Affaires of France, called at the Divi-
sion this morning after being received by the Secretary and left with
me a note dated August 26, 1937,19 referring to the Anglo-French
Convention signed on July 29, 1937, at London providing for the ter-
mination of Great Britain's capitulatory rights in Morocco. In ac-
cordance with his instructions, Mr. Henry left at the same time the
text of the Anglo-French Convention together with its enclosures.
  Mr. Henry referred briefly to the interest of his Government in
  17 Not printed.
  1 rench Minister for Foreign Affairs.

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