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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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of wormy dates were relaxed to 15%o. As Sayid Ibrahim Kamal,
the Minister of Finance, raised this same point during a conversa-
tion which I had with him on November 30, Mr. Satterthwaite dis-
cussed this point again in his last conversation with Mr. McDougall
concerning the Treaty, pointing out that this was a question which
could not properly be dealt with in the Treaty itself. As, however,
it could probably be considered in the negotiation of a reciprocal
trade agreement, Mr. McDougall requested the Legation to obtain
the views of the Department as to the suggested change in the tariff
on dates, and also to inquire whether or not the Department would
be interested in discussing the negotiation of a trade agreement.
This request is, of course, entirely informal and does not come from
the Foreign Minister. In view of the fact, however, that Mr. Mc-
Dougall is familiar with our trade agreement program and that
his advice would in all probability be accepted, I should be glad
to receive the Department's observations on these points.
  As to the Treaty itself, if the latest proposals of the Iraqi Govern-
ment are acceptable to the Department, arrangements can probably
be made for its signature within a short time after the receipt of my
full powers.
  Respectfully yours,                            P. KNABENsHI!u
                     [Enclosure 1-Translation]
The Iraqi Minister for Foreign Affairs (Towfik As-Suwaidi) to the
            American Minister Resident (Knabenshue)
No. 12832/7/41                      BAGHDAD, November 27,1937.
  EXCELLENCY: I have the honour to refer to the Note 394 of August
24th, 1937, which was addressed to the Acting Minister for Foreign
Affairs by Mr. J. C. Satterthwaite as Charge d'Affaires ad interim,
concerning the draft Treaty of Commerce and Navigation which is
under discussion between our two Governments. The proposals of
the United States Government contained in that Note have now been
carefully considered by my Government and I am happy to inform
Your Excellency that, subject to the amendments set out below, these
proposals are acceptable.
  2. The amendments referred to above are as follows:
  (1) In Article II, insert at the beginning of the Article the words
"Having regard to the volume and nature of the trade between the two
countries, it is agreed that" and at the end of the first paragraph
the Article the words "and that" the whole Article thus reading
one sentence. Subject to these amendments, which are dictated
by Iraq's extensive most-favoured-nation obligations, Article II is

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