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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Iran,   pp. 718-766 PDF (18.1 MB)

Page 747

  15. Not later than sixty days after ratification (i. e. by May 9, 1937)
the Company shall select an office in Teheran and designate its
  (Not stipulated in the Afghan concession. Clearly indicates desire
of Iranians to get the affair under way as soon as possible.)
  16. Any transfer of the concession shall be subject to the consent
of the Iranian Government and the majority of the shares of the
Company shall never fall into the hands of non-Americans or non-
  (Same as A. I. 0. C. and Afghan concessions with regard to
transfer. A. I. 0. C. makes no specification with regard to majority
ownership of stock; Afghan does.)
  a) An exchange of letters (confidential) of the same date as the
signature of the concession provides:
  1. That payments provided in the Iranian concession are not and
shall not be less favorable than those in the Afghan.
  2. That the route of principal pipe lines will not leave Iranian
  3. That petroleum exported will always use the facilities of the
Amiranian Pipe Line Company.
  b) Another exchange of letters of the same date interprets certain
aspects of force majesure.
  c) A letter from the Minister of Finance of the same date, referring
to the Afghan concession and stating that the propositions of the
Amiranian Company with regard to minimum payments are unaccept-
able but that if amounts proposed by the Iranian Government are
guaranteed liberal terms will be given for the pipe line concession.
Thus far, however, we have no information as to whether this con-
tention of the Iranian Government was maintained.
891.6363 Amiranian/26
  The Chief of the Division of Near Eastern Affairs (Murray) to
                 Mr. Cornelius Van H. Engert 80
                                     WASHINGTON, April 15, 1937.
  DEAR Mit. ENGERT: I presume you will have arrived in Teheran by
the time this letter reaches you. In the light of your experience in the
Near East it may not be surprising to you to be confronted, so soon
after your arrival, with questions with which you were so actively
occupied in Teheran upon your previous assignments there.
  I refer to the Khoshtaria oil concessions on which subject I am
enclosing for your confidential information a memorandum 31 which
,° Formerly Minister Resident In Ethiopia, en route to Teheran to assume
assignment as Counselor of Legation in Iran.
" Not printed.

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