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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Iran,   pp. 718-766 PDF (18.1 MB)

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anything about the matter; he merely spoke of it to show the absurdity
of the situation.
  M. Massoud-Ansari, who had been taking notes, promised again to
make inquiries.
  The Charge then drew his attention to the fact that two second-
class mail communications from the Department, marked "Official
Business," had been opened before delivery. They contained official
forms and copies of the Congressional Record. Most of the material
sent out by the Department by second-class mail had latterly not been
delivered at all.
  The Charge concluded by saying, smilingly but emphatically, that
if all the remarks in the American press which had given offense to
Iran during the past ten years, and all the remarks which would
give offense during the next ten years were added together, he felt
sure they would not equal in offensiveness the anti-American cam-
paign in the Teheran press of a year ago.
                          [Enclosure 2]
Memorandum of Conversation Between the American Charge (Mer-
  riam) and the Chief of the Third Political Division of the Iranian
  Foreign Office (Massoud-Ansari), March 24, 1937
  M. Massoud-Ansari called at the Legation and after the subject of
his visit had been concluded, the Charge referred to their previous
conversation on the subject of American second-class mail matter.
He said that it had just that morning come to his attention that the
Consulate had no income tax forms. The Department of State sent
these by second-class mail and they had apparently been stopped
like everything else. The result was that Americans residing in
Iran, unless they obtained the forms in some other way, could not
submit their returns and were liable to penalties under the law.
  M. Massoud-Ansari replied that he had submitted a full report on
the matter to the Foreign Minister and that he would inform the
Charge of the latter's instructions as soon as they were issued.
Memorandum by Mr. Raymond A. Hare of the Division of Near
                         Eastern Affairs
                                  [WASHINGTON,] April 28, 1937.
  Mr. Russell of the International Postal Service of the Post Office
Department telephoned on April 26 to say that the Post Office De-
partment had at long last received a reply from the Iranian Postal

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