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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Ethiopia,   pp. 679-717 PDF (13.5 MB)

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had been made immediately following the Eden speech and not as a
result of the impression created by the erroneous reports in circulation
that there was some form of collusion between the Vatican and the
Italian Government with respect to foreign teaching in Ethiopia.
  Respectfully yours,                          WILWAM PHILLIPS
      The Secretary of State to the Charg4 in Italy (Reed)
No. 183                          WASHINGTON, September 15, 1937.
  SnI: The Department has been informed by the Board of Foreign
Missions of the United Presbyterian Church of North America, Schaff
Building, 1505 Race Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that its Mis-
sion properties at Sayo and Gore, in Western Ethiopia, comprising
buildings with hospital equipment and supplies and various furnish-
ings, were occupied by the Italian military authorities in November
1936, shortly after the withdrawal of the missionary staff.
  The Board states that no communication has been received from the
Italian authorities as to the terms on which these properties are being
held and that efforts on the part of the Board's representative at Addis
Ababa, Mr. D. C. Henry, made before the closing of the American
Legation at Addis Ababa, to obtain a statement in this regard from the
Italian authorities were without results. The Board adds that in
June, 1937, the Italian authorities definitely refused permission to two
of its missionaries to return to Sayo and Gore.
  Under these circumstances, and in view of the assurances given to
the Ambassador in writing by Count Ciano on June 18, 1937, which
were reported in the Embassy's telegram No. 291, June 21, 1 p. m., it is
desired that the statements of the Board be brought informally to the
attention of the appropriate Italian authorities and that inquiry be
made as to what steps looking to a settlement of this matter with the
Board are contemplated by the Italian Government. It should be
explained that this inquiry is being made at Rome in view of the ab-
sence of American official representation at Addis Ababa.
  As of possible assistance to the Embassy in discussing this matter
informally with the appropriate Italian authorities, there are enclosed
copies of two letters20 on this subject received by the Department from
the Board. Enclosed with the Board's letter of April 12, 1937, was a
list of the properties claimed. A copy of this list is also transmitted
  Very truly yours,                   For the Secretary of State:
                                            [File copy not signed]
 "Not printed.
     982609-54  46

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