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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

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      The Chargg in Egypt (Mornis) to the Secretary of State
No. 1156                                CAIRO, December 23, 1937.
                                     [Received January 22, 1938.]
  SI: I have the honor to refer to instruction No. 260 dated October
11, 1937, relative to the Department's desire to give consideration to
the draft of a consular convention between the United States and
Egypt, and instructing the Legation to ascertain discreetly the in-
tentions of the most interested powers in connection with the negotia-
tion of consular conventions with Egypt.
  The draft convention forwarded by the Department was submitted
to the consular offices in Egypt and copies of the letters received from
the Consulate at Port Said and the Consulate at Cairo containing the
observations of the officers in charge at those posts are enclosed."
From the Consulate General at Alexandria there was received a
lengthy comparative analysis of the draft convention made by Vice
Consul Daniel Gaudin, Jr., who studied existing consular conventions
between the United States and other countries and particularly the
German and Norwegian conventions. A copy of Mr. Gaudin's memo-
randum is enclosed together with my own comments.-"
  With respect to the intentions of the other most interested powers
I have ascertained the following:
  Mr. Besly, Legal Adviser to the British Embassy, told Secretary
Gordon P. Merriam that the British Government has not taken any
action and has not yet given thought to the subject. Some of Mr.
Besly's thoughts and interpretations in respect to the negotiation of
a consular convention with Egypt and the stipulations which it should
contain are summarized in an extract from a memorandum 5' pre-
pared by Mr. Merriam, a copy of which is enclosed with this despatch.
  The First Secretary of the French Legation said that his Govern-
ment is not taking any action at present looking towards the negotia-
tion of a consular convention and it is not contemplating action in the
near future.
  An official at the Italian Legation said that the consular judge at
Cairo was engaged in the study of the question. This study will be
submitted to the Italian Minister at Cairo who will presumably for-
ward it to the Foreign Office at Rome.
  The Greek Charge d'Affaires told me that when he left Athens
early in October informal discussion had arisen at his Foreign Office
where the responsible officials thought it would be advantageous to
Greece to propose to Egypt to retain the personal status and privileges
" Neither printed.
  4Not printed.

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