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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Egypt,   pp. 615-678 PDF (24.1 MB)

Page 663

and Sweden. British ratification en route. No other ratifications
expected before October 15. The Egyptian Government has- recently
requested France to give an undertaking "similar to that of the United
States" to suspend consular jurisdiction on October 15th. No reply yet
received from Paris.
  There seems little reason to believe that any signatory power will
fail to ratify within 2 or 3 months. Norway alone is reported to be
considering relinquishing personal status jurisdiction.
788.003/298: Telegram
      The Charge in Egypt (Allen) to the Secretary of State
                            ALEXANDRIA, October 11, 1937-1 p. m.
                                 [Received October 11-8: 15 a. m.]
  80. Legation's No. 77, October 5, 11 a. m. Ratification of Denmark
has now arrived. The Ministry of Justice said to me informally last
night that the Egyptian Government hoped that the American Gov-
ernment would suspend its Consular Courts in Egypt on October 15th
in spite of the fact that some countries would not have ratified by
that time.
783.003/299a: Telegram
      The Secretary of State to the Minister in Egypt (Fish)
                            WASHINGTON, October 11, 1937-6 p. m.
  68. The President signed on October 9 a proclamation 48 suspending
"effective October 15, 1937, during the pleasure of the President, the
judicial functions now exercised by the minister, consuls or other
functionaries of the United States in Egypt, except as to cases actually
commenced before October 15, 1937, and except as to matters involv-
ing the personal status of citizens of the United States as defined in
articles 28 of the Reglement d'organisation judiciaire" annexed to the
Montreux Convention of May 8, 1937.
  Please bring this action formally to the attention of the appropriate
Egyptian authorities, referring in this connection to the assurances
furnished to the President of the Egyptian Delegation on May 8,
1937, by the American Delegate to the Montreux Conference, and also
invite attention to the fact that under the terms of the President's
proclamation American consular officers in Egypt will retain juris-
diction in matters involving the personal status of American citizens.
  Please inform consuls.
 4 53 Stat. 1729.

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