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Foreign Relations of the United States

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United States Department of State / Foreign relations of the United States diplomatic papers, 1937. The British Commonwealth, Europe, Near East and Africa

Egypt,   pp. 615-678 PDF (24.1 MB)

Page 662

                     CHARITABLE (Total 9)
  The following charitable institutions are maintained by the "Amer-
ican Mission in Egypt":
    1. Assiut Orphanage, Assiut.
    2. Fowler Orphanage for Girls, Abbassia, Cairo.
    3. Community Center, Benha.
    4. Community Center, Beni Suef.
    5. Community Center, Mansura.
    6. Community Center, Tanta.
  Additional American charitable institutions are:
    7. Near East Relief Circle, care of Victoria Hotel, Cairo.
    8. Y. M. C. A. in Egypt, 60 Sharia Ibrahim Pasha, Cairo.
    9. Pentacostal Faith Mission Orphanage, Bulkeley, Ramleh,
  In the letter of the President of the Egyptian Delegation above re-
ferred to, it is stated that, "Within the limits of the customs recognized
in Egypt regarding religions other than the State religion, freedom
of worship shall continue to be assured to all religious institutions of
the United States of America on condition that there is no offence
against public order or morals."
                      RELIGIOUS (Total 6)
  The American religious institutions existing in Egypt are as
           Name of Institution           Address of Headquarters
1. "The American Mission in Egypt,"  Ezbekia, Cairo.
2. "The Pentacost Faith Mission," ........ 192 Sharia el Teraa
                                         Bulakia, Shubra, Cairo.
3. "The Apostolic Church of God," ...... 49 Sharia el Teraa el
                                         akia, Shubra, Cairo.
4. "Egyptian Mission of the Arabic Mataria, Cairo.
    Union of Seventh-day Adventists,"
5. "The American Church," .......... . Ezbekia, Cairo.
6. "The Church of God Mission," .......... 1 Naucratis Street,
                                         de Cesar, Alexandria.
783.003/297: Telegram
      The Charge' in Egypt (Allen) to the Secretary of State
                            ALEXANDRIA, October 5, 1937-11 a. m.
                                [Received October 5-8: 55 a. m.]
  77. Department's telegram No. 64, September 24 [25], 2 p. Mr.47
Ratifications have been deposited by Egypt, Belgium, Greece, Italy
47 Not printed.

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